Why Online Retailers Must Focus on eCommerce Mobile Apps?

It's the world of Smartphones and smartphone apps. The use of mobile and apps are increasing continuously. If we take a look at the statistics by ComScore, mobile apps left the desktops behind in Time Spent by Platforms.

So, it's clear that mobile apps are becoming more and more famous day by day.

Time Spent on Internet Staticstics by Platform

Here are the 9 solid reasons for online retailers to invest in mobile apps.

1. More Enhanced & Personalized User Experience

If you are an online retailer, building a mobile app provide you the greater opportunities to reach out to your intended interest group and engage personally with them. The mobile apps always provide a more personalized experience, then desktop sites. There are many ways to interact with your customers in a mobile app. For example, you can integrate the app with social media sites, push messages, in-app chat, send personalize discount and many others.

In this way, the mobile app offers more personalization which finally results in improved conversion rate.

2. Push Notifications

Push notification is a standout amongst the most popular features in mobile shopping applications which is the most used by online retailers.

Using the push notifications, retails can inform their customers about any discount, promotion, an upcoming event or arrival of new products. The supreme advantage of using push notification is that the user will be notified even when a person is not using the app (Approval of customer is needed to send these notifications).

The best part of push notification is Geo-Targeted push notifications. If a retailer wants to offer a discount or promotion only in some specific countries or cities; then it can be also possible with geo-targeted push notification.

The Push notification really helps a lot to increase sales opportunities.

3. Real Time Support

The customers can contact the retailers in real time using live chat or other in-app tools.

4. Accelerated Customer Acquisition with Cross-Channel Targeting

Now days, customers have a lot of channels and platforms to shop from, there is a plenty of Smartphones and tablet gadgets out there. And thus adapting to cross-channel selling makes complete sense. Ecommerce businesses need to allow their customers or prospectus to consistently shift from one channel to another. Undoubtedly, the apps are not just an add-on to your cross channel selling, but the important element you can't ignore adding to the network.

5. Convenient Shopping

The mobile applications make shopping very easy and convenient. The one touch shopping is possible with integrated payment solutions. And there are many price comparison tools facilitating retailers to drive more traffic and sales.

6. Augment in-store Purchase Experience

Let's take an example,

If the customer is nearby to your store, then you can invite them to your store. Furthermore, if they have any item added to the wish list, you can push notification to them for the purchase. There are many other possibilities.

7. Dynamic Offers

Using the power of geo-targeting and push notifications of the mobile apps, online retailers can deliver the dynamic offers based on geo-location, interest and time based. It's really plays a great role in increasing traffic and sales.

8. Increased Customer Loyalty

An eCommerce mobile app lets you build more loyal customers, you can stay constantly in touch with customers, and you can provide the best deals using pop-ups & notifications. Unlikely, those who visits your desktop site accidently because of ads or online searches, a mobile app helps to the build loyal customers who are interested in your products. You can gather loyal customers instead of one time shoppers using mobile apps.

9. Customers Love to Shop Using Mobile Apps

The studies say that the customers are spending more time in shopping into their apps. It's easy to understand that mobile devices are handier than desktops. People can use mobile apps when they get the free time at any place, they can't do same with desktops and laptops. The flexibility is the main reason for the popularity of mobile apps.

In this era of online shopping, eCommerce apps are the most important necessities of the online retailers.

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