A Sales Personality Test Can Help To Determine Who Is Actually Right For The Job

grtgyhtThe stereotype that suggests all successful sales people are heavy-handed, type A personalities is simply misguided. A person’s ability to persevere through a call with a strong head forward doesn’t guarantee results for the company. In fact, there are several nuances within the way a sales person interacts with their clientele that allows customers to intuit an underlying sense of trust, likeability, and true belief in the product or service they’re talking about.

When hiring new members to join your sales team, the confident and ambitious personality they may showcase during an interview may not be enough to procure the numbers you’re looking for in practice. First, an overly intense push during a call may turn customers off the conversation, so your new hires must be able to balance their voraciousness for their work with gentler tactics, they must be able to improvise and sense when an introverted approach is more suited to the call than an extroverted one. Furthermore, their personalities must feel genuine — they must be able to show customers that they have their best interests at heart by being good listeners as well as speakers. They must also pick up on their client’s cues.

Unfortunately, a great salesperson can be difficult to find. It is challenging as a hiring manager to know whether someone who seems perfectly qualified will, in fact, live up to their company’s expectations, let alone exceed them. In many cases, companies will spend valuable resources interviewing, hiring, and training the wrong people for the job – regrettably, they don’t find out until weeks later when not a single sale has been made.

This is why when setting out to hire, it’s best to be prepared. Recognize that as a hiring manager, you won’t be able to foresee exactly how an employee will perform in the future, therefore utilizing tools created for your benefit so that you can make the best choice for your enterprise is of prime importance. One tool that provides hiring initiatives with a 90% success rate is a complete sales personality test from a provider such as SalesTestOnline.

The test is convenient, quick, non-threatening, and the results are instantaneous, comprehensive, clear and concise. What’s more is your company may even customize the assessment around the unique requirements for your position. Whether you’re looking to employ more farmers or more hunters, the test will show which candidates’ sales personalities fit your ideal profile, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

As demonstrated here on the SalesTestOnline Blog, sometimes the applicants with the most experience or skills listed on their resumes do not have what it takes to be successful in sales, let alone selling your specific product or service. Therefore, choose a guide that will help you measure more accurately the level at which potential salespeople are likely to perform. Sometimes, it’s the softer, less obvious characteristics that make sales people great, that allow them to form relationships with their clientele quickly and sustain them over the course of their employment.

This poses a natural conundrum for companies looking to hire sales people. If traditional personality tests or skills don’t properly evaluate someone’s ability to succeed at a job, what does? The point is that there is more to determining whether a candidate will be successful than just a proven track record or an aggressive personality. After all, every company is unique in their products and sales process. They key is finding someone who matches what you are looking for, and specialized online companies can help you find the perfect match.

The world of business is rapidly changing, and traditional skill sets aren’t necessarily what your company needs in these modern times. By using all the tools at your disposal, it is possible to find the perfect candidate for your sales position, no matter what you are selling. Take the time to do your research and success will come your way!

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