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Marketing Ideas That Work

5 Marketing Ideas You Haven't Thought of That WorkA unique and well-executed marketing strategy can have a dramatic impact on a business regardless of their field. Finding that strategy however can be a challenge. Consumers are over-saturated with emails, promotions, sales and other gimmicks at present. The key to shifting consumer attention to your market is showing or giving them something they haven’t seen before. The following ideas are some effective and uncommon suggestions for marketing tactics you might not have discovered yet.

Get your employees in on it

Employees are often an untapped resource in marketing. Give each employee a small stack of coupons with a significant discount on them. They can hand them out at their own discretion in the general public after work hours. Each employee's coupons have a unique identifying marker on it allowing the employer to keep track of the ROI from each individual employee. Then create some sort of incentive system for employees whose coupons bring in the most new business.

While the competition goes high tech, go the opposite direction

Mass email marketing is an industry standard in the consumer world today. As a result it's entirely too easy for emails to be sent to spam folders or for recipients to simply click the delete button without ever reading the contents. Try using something not seen often, like direct mail colorful postcards. You can completely customize your message, pictures and format to catch customer eye. Find a company that will let you take full control of your message and reach customers through an unconventional avenue.

Partner with a local organization

Ally your business with a local non-profit organization like a PTA group, charity or local VFW group. Allow them to use your space for meetings and functions. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and your patronage of a positive community organization will garner you attention.

Host workshops or seminars

Regardless of your business field, there is something you have to teach the general public. Whether it's cooking, home improvement, tax preparation or pet grooming, your services will apply to consumers no matter what. Once a month have an evening where customers can visit and learn something about your business and how they can help themselves. Incorporate your products into the workshops to encourage sales and repeat visits.

Create your own unique promotional products

Promotional products are an inexpensive way to promote your brand awareness. You can literally turn anything into a promotional product and produce mass quantities for relatively cheap. A fun and unique give away for customers will serve as a reminder of your company and be a conversation starter.

Successful marketing hinges on captivating the customer and making an impression. These ideas might not be for everyone, but they’re an effective starting point for some. They can customized and molded to fit the exact needs of your business and draw customers in with your own unique touch. Whichever avenue you choose to pursue, shape it to fit the personality of your business. For some ideas on customization a helpful example can be seen at It's important to make any idea your own. It gives customers both current and prospective the impression that your business is one apart from the competition.

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  1. Good points! The idea is that, even if we follow basic marketing strategies, we should do it in an original way. This is what makes a business unique and remarkable. Thank you, Casey!

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