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Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters

thank-youFollow up letters are a great marketing tool if used wisely, helping to solidify the business relationship between you and your customers. By writing a handwritten, personalized thank you letter for your customers not only makes them feel important but is also a clear sign that you made an effort to think about them.

This is how you can actually maximize the response of your note:

Don’t use a standard business letter with the logo of your company in its header; try to personalize the note as much as possible.

Handwrite your follow-up letter. For better impression, handwritten notes are recommended.

Handwrite the envelope and personalize the entire letter.

Include your business card in the envelope so the customer will know who sent the letter.

Buy stamps and stick them on the envelope as you do when you write a letter to somebody special.

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Below are some basic guidelines for writing follow-up letters to your clients for different situations.

– After a purchase: Thank you for your recent purchase and I am confident that you are happy with your investment. I appreciate your time and I will attempt to offer an excellent support.

– Following a presentation: Thank you for taking part to the exhibition and for the opportunity to show our services and products to you. I look forward to our next meeting on Friday at 10:00 AM and be my guest. See you then.

– A phone contact: Thank you for your call. I look forward to follow up with you during the next days with all the information we discussed and hope we come to an agreement on this matter.

– A very first meeting: Thank you for taking the time to visit us and learn more about our services. Hope to meet again.

– When the client bought a product from a competitor: Thank you for taking the time to review my offer. I sincerely regret our product’s features did not meet your expectations. Please rest assured our company is constantly looking for development and products improvement, responding to new trends and clients’ expectations. I look forward to follow up with you with the hope in we can build a win-win business relationship in the future.

– A cold call: Thank you for having discussed with me when I visited your office. I was able to learn more about your business and your expectations. I will stay in touch with you.

– An anniversary: It’s a real pleasure to send this note with the occasion of your birthday. As one of our valuable customers, please accept our best wishes and sincere compliments for contributing to our success.

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