How You Can Make Facebook Work For Your Business

facebook-logoWhen you've just set up a business, you usually lack two things: sufficient financial resources and audience. To improve all aspects of your business, you need to reach as many potential consumers of your service as possible.

And this is where Facebook comes in. Facebook has grown from a tool to keep up with your friends to a network that connects companies to consumers. It has also become a marketing platform - setting up a Page doesn't cost a penny but the rewards for your business can be immense.

Facebook For Business

Facebook, too, has noticed this new feature and created a Facebook for Business page and a guide to encourage businesses to promote themselves. As you can see, it's not really complicated - the key is to know how a FB Page can serve your business to the fullest.

Share And Share Alike

First of all, follow the Ancient Roman Empire's advice: divide et impera-divide and rule. By this I mean that share and publish your site to reach the greatest number of people. ‘Like' other pages. Attend events and create your own, participate in discussions, support popular causes, create polls. And share that you've done these. In this case, it's not awkward to share every moment of your business life on Facebook.

Give Them Content

After a number of people have liked your page, you need to give them content so that you're constantly appearing in their news feed. Also, your posts need to give people an incentive to share and like it. According to an article on Social Media Examiner, posts that include a photo get 5 to 10 times more likes than just a status update. Moreover, a photo with a personalised caption to go with it generates even more likes.

Make It Personal

Fans appreciate when they feel involved, so stimulate engagement. Announce a caption contest to your photos or ask them a multiple choice question in your updates. The more personal touch it has, the better - both from your side and your fans'. Make inquiries about them in your posts, indicate your interest in their invaluable opinions.

Prizes And Giveaways

If you're lucky enough to have sufficient capital to look for strategic partners that you can co-brand with, use this feature to your advantage and create competitions and give away prizes. Such sweepstakes increase both excitement among potential customers and your visibility. Coupons have similar effects, too.

I'd also suggest you take a look at your favourite pages or pages of successful companies and draw conclusions. Never stop looking for inspiration and learning from others in order to move your business from being average to being exceptional.

In a nutshell, when you set up your page, try to put yourself in your future customers' position. What would you expect from such a page and what makes you unlike it?

Can you think of any other ways Facebook can help your business? Share in the comments below.

Réka Blazsek is an Economics student at the University of Surrey and learns, amongst other things, about innovative ways to make businesses successful. She writes for K3 Retail.

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