Thank You Notes can Delight Everyone

thank-youWe are indeed fortunate that life gives us ample reasons to be thankful. Sometimes it is the thoughtful act or a kind word from a loved one—a friend, relative, or a co-worker—that makes your day and sometimes it is a total stranger who fills you with gratitude.

More than Words

The most natural course of action then is to express your thankfulness. And what can be the best show of gratitude than a handwritten thank you note that carries more warmth than an SMS or even a gushy and sentimental email. With online thank you notes, saying a heartfelt "thanks," even to scores of people, is no longer a task to be dreaded. However, what bothers most of us is choosing the right kind of thank you card to appeal to the tastes and sensibilities of the recipient.

Creating Special Memories

You want say a big thank you to your grandmother for sending you a lovely gift on your birthday. A simple thank you card with probably a classic floral design will appeal most to her senses. You can also choose a card where just the words "Thank You" is printed in a beautiful cursive font. These are simple yet elegant card designs that let you express your sentiments without seeming to be going overboard with them.

You will however, want to choose something funkier to send to your little nephew or the friend who has quirky tastes. You can have your pick from thank you cards with unconventional images to add an element of interest to your simple but sincere message. Again, if you know of a hobby or an interest of the recipient, you may choose a thank you card with a fitting image and surprise and delight the recipient.

Build Relationships

How about a card with a drawing of a ship for an adventure-loving nephew who dreams of charting the high seas when he grows up? Or, maybe you can choose a card with an image of a gramophone blaring out many "Thank You" notes in the air for a music-loving co-worker. This unique image will not only be in line with the interest and passion of your co-worker but will also evoke an old-world feel.

A Few Key Strokes

When you pick and choose thank you notes keeping in mind the tastes of the recipient, you can be sure that your care and thoughtfulness will be conveyed and warm the hearts of the receiver of the card. Online thank you notes spare you the hassles of trudging from one shop to another to find the perfect one and then trudging all the way to the post office to mail them. But when you set aside time and concentrate on picking the right one from amongst the extensive online collection of thank you notes, you take away all traces of impersonality and infuse the note with genuine warmth.

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