4 Innovative Team Building Activities for Millennials

The average age at the workplace has seen a transformation over the ages. Millennials, now form a large chunk of the workforce and have soon become an important demographic for all to notice.

This change has brought about many shifts in employee engagement and interaction strategies. These 20-somethings are now leading the way when it comes to fresh ideas, out of the box thinking and redefining the norm.

So to keep the millennials focussed on work and also to keep them from stagnating, organisations are coming up with novel ideas for team building activities and engagement. Read further to know more about these new age team building activities that are a hit with the millennials.

Treasure Hunt

A brilliant way to build team spirit. A treasure hunt challenge will provide ample amounts of adventure and fun. Divide the teams with people from various departments to get them out of their comfort zones. Picture your sales team working cohesively with logistics to find hidden goodies.

Give them a map and let the hunt begin. A great way to build communication techniques, the treasure hunt will also make sure the team wins, rather than an individual.

Treasure hunts are not restricted only to the outdoors. You can easily adapt them for your office space or break out areas. This will ensure maximum involvement for better interaction and the employees will welcome a break from the mundane desk jobs.


The millennials are a hyper social bunch. A barbeque is a great way to get them together and share ideas. To add zing to your barbeque event, split the group into two and announce a cook-off.

A healthy dose of competition will bring the team members closer as duties will be assigned and stations manned for faster service. This activity, apart from being fun, is sure to create a positive atmosphere within the teams. A day out with the team will definitely do wonders for their sagging spirit.

A barbeque can also be used to build on ideas. Sometimes getting out in the fresh air helps the mind work better. A fun day with colleagues will surely get the creative juices flowing. Nothing better that some grilled meat, beer and strategizing your next marketing move.


A favorite amongst the millennials, karaoke works wonders for team building. Grab a microphone and sing along with the workmates, stress will be history.

The camaraderie that this activity creates is like no other. You will be bumping into colleagues weeks after the event and still be able to share a few laughs. A games room at work or a pub down the road, employees will love this activity no matter what the venue is.

While most conventional team building activities have long drawn processes. Karaoke is easy to set up and requires no instructions to remember. Just plug in the equipment and the fun starts right away.

Escape Rooms

If doing things differently is what it takes, escape rooms will provide all that and much more. Imagine being trapped in a dark room with your workmates. A set of clues, some quick thinking and you should be able to traverse your way out. Sounds easy? Not quite, it takes some serious team thinking to get home free.

Escape rooms are great when it comes to developing communication skills. The team members need to constantly discuss strategies to get out of the room within time. Also great at trust building the team will see leaders emerge when they follow a clue or work on a puzzle together.

Apart from being a fun activity, escape rooms are also good at sharpening problem solving skills which will come handy in real life situations. No wonder this fabulous team activity has fast become a favourite amongst the corporates.

In conclusion, the modern workplace has now evolved. With the mounting pressure to outperform, the workforce can soon become jaded. Team building activities help deal with work related stress and lets the employees take a step back to see the bigger picture.

The millennials will soon dominate the corporate workspace. To keep these young minds from losing focus, it is imperative to engage with them in novel ways. Try these activities for your new age workforce and see the difference with happy faces and increased productivity. A total win-win for everybody.

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