Simple Ways to Prevent Misunderstanding in Online Communication

online-communicationIn this digital age, there is lot of online interaction that’s taking place. The communication is through written form that sometimes resulted in misunderstanding. There are several factors that can affect misinterpretation and one of this is on how you control yourself from reacting. Create a smooth conversation online and let your message be comprehend ed clearly by these simple ways on how you can avoid confusion in online interactions.

1. Think Before You React.

Reacting on the discussion online without thinking first is the main reasons why there are offensive comments. These kind of users must avoid doing that habit because it can lead to serious misunderstanding. When you experience such thing, always remember that what you need to do first is to carefully read the content or the comments of other users before giving your own opinion regarding the matter. It is very important that you are thinking of your reactions first because it will leave an impression of yourself. People will see you based on how you react, so think again before you click.

2. Choose Your Words Carefully.

Using words that are less offensive and can easily grasp by readers can be useful when you are communicating online. Keep in mind that if you don'[t understand the meaning of the word that you want to use, just forget using it. And if you feel that you want to reach on a specific issue, but really don’t want to offend someone, just double check your comment and rephrase your words. Readers only see your words online, they don’t know you, that is why it is very easy to judge and misinterpret your words.

3. Do Not Jump Into Conclusions.

When you are joining an online discussion, make sure that you understand the topic that they are discussing. Do not join an interaction just for the sake of joining them. Your opinion may result in two things, it may help other people or can just cause another problem. So, let’s say you know the issue on the discussion and wanted to share something, another step to avoid misunderstanding is to backread. Yes, backreading may require more time, but it is better to do that than be ignorant in jumping to a conclusion immediately.

4. Keep An Open-Mind.

We all are making mistakes, so better be more understanding when you see something wrong with the context of other people. You have to remind yourself that not everyone is good in writing to express themselves. You must have an open mind that we can all make errors when interacting online. Joining a discussion online will give you the chance to communicate with different nationalities, and that you have to understand that you all have different mindsets, too. People define things individually, so always remember to have time to understand them.

5. Respect Other’s Opinion.

Understanding people’s belief should be given with respect. You must always remember that people have different opinion on different topics. And you may not agree with them all time. Likewise, they will not agree with everything that you will say, and you should accept that now. If it happens that you had an interaction with a person with different view about the topic, you should not personally attack him. You should respect him and do not force your own beliefs on him.

You have the power avoid online miscommunication through simple steps. Always remember to keep a good online communication skills for you to lessen the damage that misunderstanding can cost people.

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