10 Tips on How to Win More Customers with Business Cards

1) Make Your Cards Easy to Read
Contrary to what you might think, more does not necessarily equal better. You should not try to cram too much information into your business cards; instead use the space wisely and sparingly. Only display relevant contact information, and a short slogan about the business.

2) Have your photo displayed on your card
Having a photo of yourself on your business card is the best way to enable you to stand out from the others. When your prospect later goes through the dozen or so business cards he/she has collected, it is quite likely that she will remember you because of your picture. Having a photo adds a personal touch and the prospect will automatically associate you with the (hopefully) great feeling they got when they met you. Just on a side note, make sure it is a recent photo of you (not more than five years old).

3) Keep your card size standard
It would be counterproductive for you to have your card larger than the others. A business card that is too large to fit alongside the others in a wallet or card case may misplaced and forgotten or even thrown out. Make it easy for your prospect to carry around your business card.

4) Stick to quality paper
Don't be afraid to invest in good quality paper. If you try to save a few dollars buying cheap material you just end up looking cheap, and prospects may not see your service or product as any different from your card.

5) Use Colour
Similar to paper, don't try to economise by avoiding colour. It may just end up hurting your business in the long run. Colour is in everything these days from television to magazines, so it only makes sense that you have colour present in your business cards. Use colours that reflect a warm and vivid personality rather than psychedelic colours.

6) Include your slogan
As was indicated before it is important to have a good slogan. It should be a catchy phrase that will stick in the mind of your business owners (in a good way of course) and identify the purpose of your business. Ideally they should be no more than six words.

7) Consider having a business logo
Although it is not absolutely essential, it wouldn't hurt to have a business logo. Symbols have been used throughout history by institutions- and for good reason- they are powerful psychological reminders of what they represent. It will stay in your prospect's mind and make your card a cut above others.

8) Make sure you have all your contact details
This might seem obvious, but it is actually possible to forget these simple details (it has happened). Ensure that your client has all the necessary information to reach you via telephone, e-mail or in person. Keep your card current, as it wouldn't look very good if your prospect tries to reach you and discovers that the contact info is outdated. If it is, let the prospect know.

9) Offer multiple cards to your prospect
Instead of simply offering one card, offer multiple cards in case your prospect wants to have more than one card.

10) Distribute more than one type of card if necessary
If you offer multiple services then it would be better to have a separate business card for each service. It allows more specific information to be conveyed about that service.

Having professional business cards will help you be better prepared to make the most of business encounters whether by chance or at organised social or business mixers.

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