What to Know when You Rent Display Panels

Plasma-Display-PanelCompanies often prefer to rent display panels because it offers a cost-effective solution. These help them achieve the same result without investing as much money. This is especially beneficial to businesses that host events once in a while where they showcase their achievements or company profile.

Sometimes, events are organised at a venue that is other than the official address of a company. Purchasing display panels under such circumstances would make the company responsible for getting these delivered to the location and then again bringing these back securely. This might turn out to be an extra burden on top of organising the event, which often involves interacting with potential clients, customers, and investors.

This would also mean dedicating resources and delegating duties. Renting display panels offers a hassle-free alternative instead. Many companies that offer display panels for rent also take care of its delivery and collection to and from the location. They have responsible drivers who look after timely delivery and pick-up. This will help make the event run as smoothly as possible.

One of the biggest advantages of display panels is the freedom that these offer when it comes to the arrangement. You can get creative and arrange the panels in a way that you think would appeal to the onlooker the most. On an average, the height of the display panel is two meters from the ground. You can either use the full space with the help of two display panels kept vertically on top of one another. Another idea is to try just the upper portion covering just one meter height.

How to install a display panel? Here is an example.


You can use anything from one to eight display panels forming various patterns. If you want to create a continuous pattern, you can even do that by keeping the panels in the form of a long queue. The various ways in which you can use these display panels is only limited by your creativity.

When you decide to rent display panels it is recommended that you consult a professional designer. A designer is the best person to give you an idea about the way in which these can be arranged for maximum effect. The number of display panels you need to rent in order to achieve that effect is important also.

One of the factors that you should keep in mind while using the display panels is the use of colors and fonts. No matter what the pattern is in which you arrange the panels, they should be readable. Always make the size of font big enough so that it can be read easily. When using text with images, it is best to avoid placing it on top of the image.

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