Why Is a Relax Room at the Workplace a Must

Regardless of the business, you are in, your employees are probably your biggest asset. Seeing as how they are crucial for your operations, you must ensure their satisfaction, happiness, and comfort. There are plenty of ways how you can do that, from offering them more free days and a flexible schedule to gifting them spa coupons, for example. However, if none of these is a possibility, you should at least do your best to make them feel good in the office. You can do that by providing them with a relaxing room at the workplace. Here are some reasons why this is a must.

It will encourage socialization…

Due to the ever-increasing digitalization of the workplace, there is less and less face-to-face communication needed to run a business. This can often lead to your employees not knowing each other well or at all, which can result in an uneasy environment. By introducing a relax room, people will have space where they can interact and become friends. You can encourage them to have some personal items there which can serve as conversation starters. They might bond over their cats or travel adventures. Workers that get along will be a great contribution to your business when a project requires all hands on deck and they will be glad that they have made a friend and have someone to talk to at work.

…as well as collaboration

Having a place where your employees can meet and talk also means that they will exchange creative ideas. Maybe one of them has an interesting proposal and their colleagues convince them to make a suggestion at the next meeting with the higher-ups. Furthermore, we already mentioned how being familiar with each other will help when you need everyone to pitch in. Knowing how their coworkers think can make the whole process of dealing with an issue quicker and they can work together to come to a solution.

Your employees can recharge their batteries

On the other hand, if your work requires a lot of collaboration and dealing with people, having a quiet room where people will get a chance to recharge their batteries is a great idea. Your introverted employees will especially appreciate this. If you have space, you should place this area into a less noisy part of the building. It can be used for praying, meditation or just collecting one’s thoughts. You can equip the space with yoga mats and floor pillows; consider including a calming water feature as well. It’s also recommended to avoid technology in this room. Allowing your workers to have some time for themselves is bound to increase their motivation and productivity.

Introducing nature can have health benefits

A relax room is supposed to be soothing – and what is better for achieving that than nature? You need to look into the concept of biophilia and look for ways to incorporate its principles. It basically tells us that humans seek a connection to nature and thrive from it. That means that you should try to invite the outdoors into your office. Getting a professional to design and renovate your space to include natural elements will allow your employees to experience all the health benefits of being surrounded by plants, from improved mental health to breathing fresh air. Furthermore, if you have a roof or a spacious terrace, you can even consider having an outdoor space where the workers can take a break and relax.

Blowing off steam is important

When working on a stressful project, it is quite possible that your workers will hit a wall and need a break. That is why you must ensure they can find a way to blow off some steam in the relax room. Consider providing them with a TV, gaming console or even board games. Some employees like to draw or write, so get them some sketch pads and notebooks. Make sure this room is well equipped with healthy food choices, a coffee machine and you can even think about getting a couple of massage chairs. Invest in some quality and comfy furniture where they can truly relax.

Your employees will feel appreciated

Last but certainly not least, a relax room is a must because it will make your employees feel appreciated. Everyone likes to see that their hard work is valued and rewarded. By conducting a survey among your staff to see what the most desired features of the relax room are, you will have a clearer idea of what you should add to it. Consider enhancing the space with comfortable furniture, calming colors, and perhaps even a small library or soothing music. Additionally, consider buying bulk Uber Eats gift cards as a thoughtful gesture. When your employee realize that you care about their wishes and well-being, it will serve as a great motivation booster, and they will likely keep up the good work.

Hopefully, these reasons were enough to convince you that your office space indeed needs a relax room. Your employees will be more satisfied and feel more appreciated, and that is bound to result in a motivated and productive workforce. Listen to their wishes and they will stay in your employ for a long time.

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