Awesome Things You Need in Your Office [According to]

As studies have shown, the average office worker spends about 99,117 hours at work, that's over 11 years! Essentially your office is your second home, so it's vitally important that you make it fun, inspiring and an environment that reflects your company’s ethos.

We have included all of the items shown below into our clients office fit-outs, and we’ve had a great reaction from employees, especially about the bar!

Anyway, here is the list of 11 awesome things you need in your office:

1. Bean bags

Bean Bags

When you're feeling stressed, or tired, why not chill out on these bad boys, or should I say fat boys (that's their correct name). We included these in an office fit-out for Aquent, a digital creative and marketing agency based in London. They wanted an informal break area so we thought “let’s give them some bean bags”. Always a worthy investment for those tired moments.

2. Fruit and nut dispensers

Fruit and nut dispensers

Do you ever get random cravings throughout the day for nuts and fruit? Yes? That's why we incorporated them into Jive Software's office interior design. Jive Software wanted a design that would reflect their friendly ethos and enthusiasm for their products. Everyone needs a snack from time to time!

3. Bar


After a long day at work, why not cool off with a refreshing, cold beverage? This is another cool feature from Jive Software's office interior design. They wanted their employees to feel completely at home and be able to relax after work. As well as a beer tap, there is a fridge full of wine and soft drinks, and a pool table with a comfortable seating area. We even created the iconic "Think Tank Bubble Counter" to keep those new "Jiverous" ideas rolling! Hopefully, they’ll never want to leave!

4. Gaming area

Gaming area

Yes there is actually an Xbox in this office and yes we did actually include it in an office fit-out for All of Us. All of Us is an award-winning design and user experience agency that has a really high-profile client list, so they wanted their office to reflect this. They decided to strip out all the soft furnishings, going back to the metal pan floor and plywood shelving. They wanted a really open office to encourage collaboration and social cohesion and this is what they got.

5. Kettle tap

Kettle Tap

UTi Worldwide have a kette tap in their offices. No more standing around waiting for the water to boil, as this kettle tap can make your hot drink in literally seconds!

6. Gym


No excuses for not going when you have one at work… But seriously, if you do spend a lot of time at work, you probably don't have a lot of time for exercise, however, introduce a gym and you'll work out like never before (as well as having a reason to stay at work longer!) This was one we created as part of Redwood Technologies office interior design. As well as space to demonstrate their products and technology, there is a suite of meeting rooms a stunning coffee point, and areas of soft seating. On the first floor are large offices, featuring open plan decking as well as a staff breakout area, with games of snooker and table football.

7. Hanging chair

Hanging Chair

Kick your feet back, and relax suspended from the ceiling in this cool hanging chair. This piece of office furniture we included in IPG Media Brands office fit-out. It’s proven to get those thoughts flowing in meetings!

8. Huge black board

Huge blackboard

Let loose with your creative ideas on this old school blackboard. IPG Media Brands also has this in their office. IPG Media Brands chose some unusual design elements including fake grass, traditional looking lamp posts, oak flooring, and large blackboards. The client was delighted with the result!

9. Meeting planner

Meeting Planner

Never forget about a meeting again with this great digital planner. UTI Worldwide’s refurbishment included new carpet, floor to ceiling storage, glass partitioning and wall graphics. UTi were very happy with the final result commenting, "It has been an enjoyable experience working with you and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential clients".

10. Pool table

Pool table

This is another piece of office furniture we included into Jive Software's office interior design. The employees have had many a happy after-work hour, drinking a beer and playing on here.

11. Sweet stand

Sweet stand

No need to nip out to the shop at lunch, when you have a sweet stand in your office!

The staff at DRAFTFCB were overjoyed when we included this into their office interior design. I’m sure those waistlines have been expanding!

This post was written by Lee Parsons, marketing manager at Office Principles.

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