Top Signs You Have a Strong Brain as an Executive

ExecutiveExecutives spend huge amount of money and time each year on their physical strength and health without realising that mental strength matters much more than these two things. A lot has been written about how mental strength and some of it critical characteristics such optimism, determination and unfailing ability to excel in the face of despair and grit have helped numerous entrepreneurs to achieve massive and unparalleled success in their respective fields.

We can also define mental strength in terms of things which successful executives avoid both in their home and office. Following lines explain some of these things in detail.

  • They Don't Feel Sorry for Themselves:

You will never see successful or mentally tough executives complaining about missed opportunities or how badly they were treated by some bad boss a long time ago. They have understood the fact that life is not always pleasant and they have to take responsibilities of their actions instead of blaming others for their failures. They emerge from adversity with the flying colours and learn lessons with gratitude. However, when they fail in any of their venture, they gracefully accept the reality and start preparing for their next mission with more zeal and zest.

  • They Don't Surrender Power:

One of the hallmarks of successful executives is that they never surrender their powers or enable others to make them look inferior. They are always in full control of their actions, emotions and decisions. They are aware of the fact that their strength as an executive is analogous to their ability to manage in the way they want to manage.

  • They Don't Waste their Energy:

There are many things such as bad traffic, stolen or lost luggage and most importantly, other people which are beyond everyone's control. The mentally strong entrepreneurs don't waste their energies complaining about things which they cannot manage or control. They know that only things they can control in adverse circumstances are their attitude, emotions and response to the problem and they make most of these priceless attributes.

  • They Don't Resist Change:

Change is everlasting and everyone has to embrace it at every other step of their life and executives are no exception. As a matter of fact, mentally strong people love challenges and they happily embrace change. They are not afraid of change or unknown things but their worst fear is that complacency will creep in their lives. A mentally strong entrepreneur is full of energy and really shines when he encounters uncertainty and constantly changing environment.

  • They Don't Please Others:

There is a famous saying that you can never please everyone. In fact, trying your level best to please or for that matter, displease others in an attempt to assert your authority is not necessarily a good strategy. A mentally strong person will definitely appreciate and please his subordinates whenever appropriate but he will not hesitate to speak up when something goes wrong. He is also aware of the possibility that someone might get upset and retaliate but he has the ability to navigate the situation with wisdom and grace.

  • They are not Afraid of Taking Risks:

If you don't take risks, you cannot progress in your life. You have to take calculated risks in order to move forward and leverage the opportunities which this world abounds in. Mentally strong businessmen have the uncanny ability to correctly weigh the risks instead of jumping blindly into the oblivion. Such people also thoroughly examine the situation, access possible worst case scenarios and potential downsides before taking the final decision.

  • They Don't Dwell on the Past:

It is always wise to learn from the past experience and take strength by acknowledging the past. However, mentally strong people do not fantasize golden days they once enjoyed or waste their energies mirroring past disappointments. On the contrary, they use their mental strength to create a great and pleasant present and future for themselves and others.

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