What To Do When You’re Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Medical costs from even a small motorbike accident can be high. These expenses include hospital visits, physical therapy, medication, and future treatments. You can seek compensation to pay for these costs with the aid of a skilled attorney. They can assist you with obtaining important evidence, contacting the police, documenting your injuries and losses, and negotiating with insurance companies.

Stay at the Scene

Your top concern after a motorbike collision should be to get medical attention and take care of any injuries. However, you should also take steps to collect evidence from the scene as soon as possible. Pictures are especially helpful in a motorcycle accident case, so snap a few from different angles and locations. You should also write down important details such as street signs, vehicle information, and skid marks. It is important not to admit fault at the scene, as this can be used against you later. You should avoid talking to the at-fault driver or any other witness and avoid apologizing for anything.

Contact an Attorney

After a motorbike accident, trying and bargain with insurance providers can be challenging. They may try to reduce the amount they pay to injury victims or pressure them into accepting a low settlement. Having an attorney who can handle all communication with insurance agents. Contacting an attorney for help documenting your injuries and proving negligence is also a good idea. It is especially true when a victim has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Remember to save all documents and information about the crash, including witness names, phone numbers, and addresses. It is also important to seek medical attention and document any symptoms you may have, such as physical pain or mental anguish.

Document the Incident

Take images of the accident site, the property damage, and your injuries as soon and carefully as possible. It will help to support your claim or lawsuit when filing a personal injury case against the liable party. Documentation of your medical treatment will also be useful. Keeping records of doctor visits, prescriptions and hospital bills can prove the extent of your injuries. Admitting fault at the crash scene will be used against you by insurance companies to reduce or deny your compensation. If approached by an insurer, politely refer them to your attorney. A knowledgeable and committed lawyer will fight to ensure you get all your due money. Just click here to avoid making costly mistakes that could damage your claim or your ability to recover.

Call the Police

Regardless of how minor your injuries are, you should call the police. It will allow the officers to come to the scene and write a report that can later prove valuable for claiming the liable person’s insurance company. It’s also important to seek medical attention. Ask witnesses for statements as you wait for the cops to come. Be clear when explaining who you are to them and what happened to prevent miscommunication. Also, remember to avoid apologizing or admitting fault. The liable driver’s insurance company can use this against you later to reduce your compensation payout.

Seek Medical Attention

Seeing a doctor is vital, even for injuries that might seem minor. The body produces endorphins during traumatic events, and knowing how much pain you are in can be difficult. It is important to see a medical professional in the hours following an accident. It will provide a clear picture of your injuries and establish the timeline for your recovery. It is also essential to keep track of the dates and costs of your medical care. Your attorney will need this information to calculate past and future expenses for your injury claim.

Collecting the contact information for eyewitnesses at the scene is also a good idea. It will help build your case later if the insurance company tries to dispute the facts of the accident.

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