Small Construction Companies Keeping Employee Accidents At A Minimum

Construction companies are always going to be at a higher risk for employee accidents than other types of companies. The main reason for this is because construction requires a lot of physical endurance to perform each and every task. While accidents cannot be eliminated all together, with the proper tools there is a possibility of keeping them to a minimum. Below, you will discover more information on how small construction companies can keep their employee accident numbers to a minimum.


Proper Employee Training

Proper employee training is crucial for every type of business, but even more so for construction companies. Every new employee should be required to undergo a 1 to 3 day training course that involves the employee policies, ergonomics, and safety techniques. At the end of the course, the employee should be able to recognize the employee policies and bide by them. The same goes for the safety techniques, which are crucial to preventing employee accidents.

Annual training courses should also be provided for all employees. The refresher course will give the workers an opportunity to go back over the course instruction. By doing this you will be reducing the risks of employee accidents, while also reducing worker’s compensation claims and sick day usage. Not only will your business benefit from the training courses, but also the employees.

Random Drug Testing

Employers question whether or not to require their workers to undergo random drug testing. While the risks of a failed drug test and the loss of a good employee will always be a possibility, random drug testing will ensure less on-the-job accidents. Employees under the influence are not only a risk to your company, but also a risk to other employees. Illicit drug use can impair the individual’s judgment, putting them and others in danger of serious injury.

According to a study conducted by Facchina Group of Cos. LLC, corporate America has a $140 billion annual drug problem. Many people feel that it is okay to utilize drugs as long as they do not do it on the job. This is a huge misconception, because they go to work impaired, so there is no way they can complete their job duties properly.

Proper Safety Equipment

As a small business owner of a construction company, it is up to you to protect your employees from potential injuries. The best way to do this is to provide them with proper safety gear. Hard hats, gloves, respiratory masks, boots and goggles are a necessity for all construction workers. While some of the workers will take it upon themselves to purchase the items, not everyone will care enough to do so. You will need to invest in these items and provide to the employees. A dress code will require the employees to purchase their own gloves and work boots, saving you quite a bit of money.

It is crucial that every employee that heads out to a worksite is properly clothed and geared up to protect themselves from potential injuries. Always keep extra gear on-hand, just in case one of the employees forgets something at home, but be sure to ask them to return it before clocking out at the end of the day.

Encourage A Full Night’s Sleep

Construction work is physically enduring, regardless of age or gender. Health experts recommend all workers to get a full night’s sleep to ensure good focus, alertness and lots of energy. People that fail to get at least 6 hours of sleep each night struggle trying to maintain the necessities to ensure an injury-free workday. At the end of each workday, you and your supervisors should encourage the other employees to get a full night’s sleep. While it is not your job to babysit the workers when they are off duty, it will be in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to keep them healthy and alert.

When you find yourself facing a civil lawsuit involving a workers’ compensation claim, you will need to hire an attorney that is knowledgeable on such laws.

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