Simple Marketing Strategies for Attorneys

DUI-AttorneyThe best attorneys are the foremost experts in their respective fields, but the most skilled and knowledgeable lawyer may not always be the most successful one if he or she does not have an effective marketing strategy in place. However, even if you are an expert in your respective field, you probably are not an expert in marketing.

Most legal professionals are far too consumed with their own work to invest much time into advertising and marketing. This is why so many legal firms shell out fortunes in fees to various advertising outlets, marketing firms, digital specialists and others to help increase the business of the firm. Many of these investments are worthwhile and even invaluable tools in growing the reputation and recognition of an attorney, but some are ineffective to the point of being a total waste.

This is especially true when considering the fact that much of what is done by a marketing firm could easily be accomplished by someone in-house. That is not to say that your associates and employees should handle all of your marketing efforts, but there are many simple, effective marketing tasks that can be easily completed by anyone.

Simple Marketing

Even if you are comfortable with paying marketing experts to handle every aspect of your strategy, a basic knowledge of some simple techniques and processes is necessary to know whether or not the strategy is effective. Some firms are happy with their marketing strategies because clients and revenue continue to increase, but they have no way of knowing whether or not their marketing efforts are actually the reason for the success. If nothing else, some simple marketing education can help any lawyer get the most from his efforts and ensure there are no missed opportunities.

With that being said, the following tips should help any lawyer increase her client list when performed in conjunction with a complete marketing strategy. After all, a little know-how never hurts and could help take your firm to the next level.

Focus on your strengths

Playing to your strengths is the simplest– and one of the most effective– things that any professional can do to increase success. If you are a real estate attorney, regularly network where local mortgage lenders and real estate agents spend time. If you specialize in bankruptcy, attend and speak at financial management events. A little creativity can go a long way in your marketing efforts, but it should always be geared towards maximizing your specific skillset.

Grow Your Web Presence

Social media was God’s gift to marketers, and it is one of the most effective tools any attorney can use. Stay in contact with your clients, associates and others on social media and post meaningful links and articles related to your specialty.

“We communicate with our clients through various social media platforms,” says Jimmy Doan of the Doan Law firm, “Lawyers can also attract new clients through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, and network with other legal professionals on professional sites like LinkedIn.”

However, you have to remember never to mix your personal and professional social media accounts. Sure, that picture of your cat doing that adorable thing is popular with your friends, but it may not convey the right image for your legal firm.

Since you may not be able to manage your website, multiple social media accounts and your actual work and still find time to sleep, you may need to hire a specialist or designate a current team member to handle your digital efforts. This person should also be able to write interesting, creative and engaging content for your site’s blog. If your site does not already have a blog, you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your web presence and your firm.

In the infographic below you can get a more detailed information on legal market trends.

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