Lemon Laws in California

Does it seem like your car is in the garage more than it is on the road? It might be a lemon! Wondering why a car would be called a lemon? Lemons are considered bitter fruits. Hence, when a car stresses you out with its mechanical problems, you definitely will be regretting the choice to buy or lease a vehicle. A lemon car is a vehicle under warranty that has had mechanical problems affecting its functionality over a specified period, and continues to have the issues after many repairs within a reasonable period of time.

Not all consumer products are perfect, which is why we have warranties. When you purchase a vehicle you expect it to serve you rather than bring you more problems. You deserve value for the money you spend.

Most consumers are not well informed about their rights, and most of them give up and decide to invest in another vehicle. But, thanks to the California lemon laws, a consumer can liaise with a lemon law attorney to intervene and fight for their rights after coming to the conclusion that the vehicle they purchased was a lemon.

Key elements for a consumer to claim for a lemon car

For consumers to claim that a car is a lemon, they must prove that:

  1. The car has had repeated repair attempts – that do not get the vehicle in a condition specified by the warranty.
  2. The warrantor must be given a reasonable period of time to make the repairs, which may include the number of days the car was not in service.

Rights for consumers

If the above elements are met, the consumer is entitled to repurchase or replacement of the car in addition to incidental and consequential damages minus usage deductions. Also, the consumer is entitled to compensation for attorney fees, as well as a full refund.

Importance of keeping records

It is hard to trust dealers, especially when it comes to matters of money and, specifically, refunds. Therefore, it is vital for the consumer to ensure that they have all the original documents from the time of purchase or lease of the car, as well as the receipts that were issued during the repair attempts on the vehicle.

California lemon law limit

The California lemon law statute of limitations is four years. As soon as you realize your car is a lemon, it is essential for you to seek a lemon law expert as soon as possible for your case to remain viable. Don’t forget to have your original documents in place.

Factors to consider when choosing an attorney

It is advisable to find an attorney who shares your goal of just compensation for the financial damages you’ve sustained as a result of extensive and unsuccessful repair work on your vehicle. You want a lawyer who is trustworthy, has the expertise in how the California lemon laws work and has litigated other cases concerning the same.

When hiring an attorney, it is important to find one with a good reputation who is also within your budget. Additionally, get to understand their mode of payment and the percentage they are to take from your recovery when the case comes to a successful conclusion.


Time is money! No one deserves a car that is not in the advertised condition and then ends up wasting a lot of time and money on endless repairs. If you believe that you have purchased a lemon, do not hesitate to fight for your rights! In California, lemon law attorneys are at your service.

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