Defense for Identity Theft with Proper Legal Assistance

Legal AssistanceIdentity theft is a growing concern around the world. In this age of cyber revolution, people have got everything at their finger tips. You are looking for some date; it is just a mouse click away. Internet is a gigantic library and here you can come across anything, even someone's personal information.

How identity is stolen?

This may seem like an episode of your favorite crime series or a chapter from a crime novel, but in reality these take place. Blogs or professional resumes contain personal information about the candidate. Anyone who is reading these blogs, gets to know the daily routine of the blogger. The resume provides every sort of information that a thief may be looking for. Jobseekers include vital information like personal email ID, phone number and even residential address in their bio-data.

Gaining access to someone's bank account has become a piece of cake in this these days. Even a kid with proficiency in computer and a fondness for challenge can get the details of someone's personal life. Later on these details are used to break into their bank account and steal money.

How can this affect normal life?

Normal lives of innocent people can get disrupted due the theft. This is not money the thieves are after this is identity. Anyone can freak out at the thought of losing the name and social security number to someone. Those who steal identity are not only after money. They do not limit themselves and clean off the bank account only. They indulge into lot more hideous affairs. A stolen identity can be used for various purposes. Thieves can use the identity to set up offshore accounts and launder money. This is not the end. The identities are used for terrorist activities as well.

If you are framed…….

Yes, you can be accused of stealing someone's identity, even when you have got nothing to do with it. This can happen to anyone and you are not immune either. If you think that law will spare you because you are innocent, think again. If your identity can be stolen, someone can frame you for the theft too. Besides, this is a federal offense. By nature federal offenses are complex and punishable if convicted.


If you are convicted, you will go to jail. For how long is a matter of question. Based on your crime, this will be decided. Because this is a felony offense, minimum one year imprisonment is mandatory. The prison time will increase, in case the law enforcers can establish that you have used the stolen identity for acts of terrorism. Probation is not allowed for anyone convicted for identity theft.

This is not all. Social stigma is another consequence that you will have to carry all your life. Employment opportunity will not come your way, if you have a criminal record. People will treat you as an outcast and if you get involved even in minor offense in the future, the penalties will be harsh.

Seek help

This is the reason, you need to hire competent criminal attorney specialized in providing criminal defense. Do not delay in this matter and seek legal assistance early. Your lawyer will go through all the documents and prepare your defense.

Shared by David Mgarvin.

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