Different Types of Bank Frauds Where a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Almost every person depends at least a bit on the banks for financial reasons. There he stores all his hard earned money. But what if all those are lost? It might sound intimidating, but this can happen if a bank fraud occurs.


There might be different types of bank frauds. The best way to avoid them is to be alert enough. Here's a quick look at some of the bank frauds, which you need to be wary of to ensure you are not at the receiving end.

Debit and Credit Card Frauds

These days, one of the most common forms of bank fraud involve the use of debit and the credit cards. And it happens when your credit or debit card is used by someone else to make some transaction. It happens when some other person gets hold of your credit card or debit card. It might happen when your debit or credit card numbers are compromised. Known as skimming, this crime occurs when the information, which is present on the magnetic strip of the card, is reproduced. Besides, you should take proper care to ensure that no card fraud occurs. You should not let your credit card be taken out of your sight. Besides, you should also sign your card as soon as you receive it.

Check Frauds

Look for a few bank frauds and you will surely find a number of check frauds in it. Such a crime is committed when:

  • A check amount is changed without authority
  • A check is duplicated
  • A check is deposited without having the authority to do it
  • Wrong invoices are used to get the checks

It is necessary to be alert when dealing with the checks. You have to control the account and the checks properly. Besides, you should also keep the unused checks secured enough to prevent their theft and forfeiting. Moreover, it is also important to have a look at the invoices before using them to ensure that they are valid. And if you lose the check by chance, it is important for you to call up your bank and stop the payment for it.

Online Fraud

This is an age of information and technology. A lot of people fall prey to fraudulent activities that are committed over the internet. It might be linked to your debit and credit cards as well. Have you ever shared your debit and credit card details online? Someone else might already have access to it then. And if he wants, he can use your debit and credit card numbers for online transactions.

Electronic Fraud

Electronic fraud is one of the most dangerous things when it comes to bank frauds. Every now and then, you might get a few emails that ask you to share your bank details, so that you can receive a hefty amount. Do not ever share your bank details there. Otherwise you might find that all your fund from the bank account has been drained out. So, it is always advisable to remain away from such a circumstance.

Identity Theft

What if someone else has access to your personal documents, such as identity cards and other details? He can have access to these information by:

  • Hacking your email
  • Tapping your telephone and fax
  • Find it online if you have provided it on the internet

Remember, he can surely use all these for bank fraud then. So, it is always important to be alert enough while providing your identity on the internet, as it can lead to financial loss for you.


You might be a victim of embezzlement as well. It occurs when you are cheated by a professional working in the bank itself. This can be extremely harmful for the reputation of the bank. So, the bank itself takes proper steps to curb this. Besides, top officials of the bank are also involved in the investigation of such a case if a complaint about embezzlement is filed.

It is the criminal defense lawyer who can help you in case you are a victim of bank fraud. No matter what kind of bank fraud have occurred with you, a criminal defense lawyer will take special care to investigate the issue. Thus, the criminal defense lawyer will help you get out of the false charges of bank fraud if you have been blamed for such a crime. They will perform the necessary investigation, which can help you come out if you are innocent and have no clue about the crime. When looking for criminal lawyers for helping you in case of bank frauds, you might find a number of them. Choose the best services within your budget to ensure that you are free from the blames of bank fraud.

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