7 Key Advantages of Copyright Registration in India

When we manufacture a product or create a design, it is extremely important for us to copyright it. Without copyright, anyone can replicate our designs or use our recommendations. Copyright is a very vital tool that protects our intellectual property and safeguards our new and creative works. It also makes sure that you get adequate compensation.

Copyright registration in India is an option unlike trademarks and Patents, however, the law protects the expressions of ideas. But, getting copyright registration is always ideal. If you file with the copyright office, then you get benefits from the rights. This registration lets you sue for copyright infringement.

What are the key advantages of copyright registration? 

There are several advantages of copyright registration online and we have mentioned a few but important ones just below.

·       Works as a Legal Evidence

The key benefit of getting a copyright Registration is that it works as legal evidence. If someone infringes or even tries to replicate your design or artwork or product, the registered copyright in a legal argument. It will automatically and quickly tip the scales on your side. If you don’t have copyright registration, then it may be complicated for you to contest such an issue. With copyright registration, such issues can be solved in a matter of time.

·       One Time Process

It is a one-time process and doesn’t need renewal. The same is needed to be recorded with the registrar of copyright only in the event of a change in the proprietor. So, the cost of maintenance is very less.

·       Make You Stand Out in Crowd

In today’s technological world, a big competition is going on. Anyone can find himself lost in a crowd of competitors when the person starts a business. But, copyright registration can come in handy in such time and you will make it inaccessible to your business competitors by copyrighting your product. It will definitely make you stand out in the crowd and provide a quick push to your profits.

·       You are Eligible for Statutory Damages

When you register your copyright within 3 months of publication of your work or prior to the infringement, then you become eligible for an award for statutory damages. The copyright registration also makes the process very simple and an award of statutory damages let’s you retain a particular amount for each work infringed. Also, you get the ability to validate the real damages.

·       Legal Protection

Copyright registration in Agra, Delhi or anyone other cities provides protection to your work or design. Without registration, it is not easy to prove the case of the owner in court. If you are a filmmaker and make a movie that is similar to one that was already released, it becomes difficult to prove that it was plagiarized in court without copyright registration. The onus is on you to prove authenticity.

·       Protect you Against Importation of Infringing Works

Such registration lets you take legal action against infringers in a court. It lets you seize and detain imported goods that violate intellectual property rights. You should register your copyright to take part in such programs.

·       Enhance Creativity

We know that any artistic work or literary work came into existence with an innovative idea. Also, anyone can copy your work or even destroy it if you don’t have copyright registration of that work. Therefore, the copyright laws boost creativity as well as support you as the ability to protect works empowers you to develop or create new things or masterpieces.

The benefits you get from registering your copyright work can be more vital than those resulting from a copyright infringement lawsuit. This is because the majority of copyright infringement lawsuits are settled as such lawsuits involve a big amount of cost, time and money. But, when your work is properly registered, you have the ability to bring the lawsuit quickly.

Copyright Registration provides notice to the entire world of your copyright claim. It helps people who want to license your work or replicate your design to ascertain the status of your work/design and to find you. To register your work, design or product, you can go for copyright Registration services.

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