5 Things to Know Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury law or personal injury litigation is a term used to describe the organization of civil law that allows those who have been physically harmed and suspect someone else caused the harm, to pursue legal compensation against the offending party for their actions.

The primary legal objective of filing a personal injury lawsuit is to allow the harmed person seek compensation for the financial and emotional loss of having gone through the injury. Meritorious personal injury cases typically result in financial compensation, and the offender is not charged with a criminal offense.

Instead, the offender pays a monetary penalty to the injured person to compensate them for their medical costs, the cost of the emotional trauma, and any other loss they may have incurred due to the injury.

If you have not been involved in this kind of case before, you might be unaware of several important facts about personal injury lawsuits. This post will discuss crucial things you should know before filing a valid personal injury lawsuit so that your chances of obtaining a desirable outcome are better.

1. Personal injury law is there to protect the injured person

You will likely have several expenses to deal with when you are injured. These may include medical bills, emotional stress, lost income, and your daily regimen could be completely disrupted. Personal injury lawsuits are designed to protect the injured person’s rights and their financial future.

Working with a personal injury lawyer can help you recover adequate compensation through a settlement with the offender or even through trial.

2. Professional legal aid almost always helps people recover more

Experienced personal injury lawyers can accurately determine the value for personal injury claims because they have dealt with so many similar cases in the past. They are skilled at negotiating more favorable settlements for their clients. Insurance companies typically try to offer you as little as they can for compensation so that they can save money.

Suppose the offender’s insurance company does not appear willing to cooperate and negotiate an adequate deal to compensate you. In that case, an experienced lawyer can take them to court on your behalf and present a very strong case.

3. The quicker you hire legal help, the better

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you with not making any costly mistakes, such as failing to document your injury or telling the claims adjusters too much. An attorney will help you navigate the complex legal proceedings and negotiate with the offender’s insurance company for you.

The faster you get in touch with a personal injury attorney, the more likely you can remember specific details of the personal injury and access other evidence necessary to accurately make a strong case.

4. Do not sign off on anything before talking to your lawyer

Insurance representatives will likely try to make you think that you do not need an attorney for your case, and they can be very persuasive. You should know that insurance companies do not necessarily have your best interest at heart. Most insurance adjusters want you to talk to them without a legal professional because they hope you will settle for a much lower amount of compensation than what you actually need and deserve.

You must not sign anything before you consult with a personal injury attorney. Suppose the insurance company representatives get you to sign an agreement that does not offer favorable terms. In that case, you could end up failing to get the adequate compensation you truly deserve for all the harm that was caused to you.

5. Documenting the offender’s negligence is critical

It is crucial to clearly establish that your injury happened due to the negligence of another party or because they failed to practice adequate care for your safety in the situation. If the other offender was indeed negligent and had a part to play in causing your injury, they could be responsible for any resulting costs and damages you incurred. These damages could include, but are not limited to, lost income, reduced capacity to earn, and physical and emotional trauma.

You need all the possible proof to pursue your case. Ensure that you take steps to document everything that proves the part that the offender played in causing your injuries. This can include documenting your injuries, any receipts, witnesses, and other proof.

Even if a settlement cannot be reached, having an experienced personal injury lawyer could mean you have a better chance of recovering the compensation you need by taking your case to court. If the pre-trial offer made by the offending party is inadequate to compensate you, a jury award may oftentimes be higher.

Having all possible proof that builds a strong case for you can be critical in helping you get the best possible outcome from the case.

Filing Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured because someone else is to blame and you cannot cover the medical costs, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be crucial when seeking the best possible result from your case.

Another important factor you should know before filing a personal injury lawsuit is that there is a time limit for filing the case in court, known as a statute of limitations. Typically, this begins when the plaintiff discovers the injury or when they become injured. The statute of limitations can vary, depending on the case and the state laws.

The Florida Statutes Section 95.11 sets the time limit for personal injury lawsuits as four years from the accident date. Obtain professional legal help for your personal injury lawsuit at Frankl & Kominsky Injury Lawyers, where they deal with several catastrophic personal injury cases.

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