5 Questions to Ask from Knoxville Divorce Attorneys

Ending your marriage in Tennessee can result in either a divorce trial or a settlement. Since you need to initiate divorce proceedings in both cases, it is advisable to use the expertise of Knoxville divorce attorneys. Even when the split is amicable, you have to deal with tremendous emotional distress and legalities, which becomes stressful.

You’ll be eligible to file for divorce in Knoxville, Tennessee, provided you or your spouse is a state resident. Either of you must be residing here for a minimum of six months before filing the divorce. Living separately is not a prerequisite to file for divorce in Knoxville. Initiating the divorce requires you to disclose the following information by law:

  • Social security numbers and full names of you and your spouse
  • Dates of birth of you, your spouse, and minor children from your marriage
  • Current mailing addresses of both parties

Nearly 47% of the households have married couples in the county, and 19.1 out of 1000 couples get divorced. Out of the 15 grounds for divorce permissible in Tennessee, irreconcilable differences are cited most often. Other reasons that compel couples to tread the divorce path include adultery, inhuman treatment, marital misconduct, abandonment, and conviction.

All the latter grounds fall into the category of contested divorces where relevant proof must be submitted. A divorce can hugely impact your financial health, which is why hiring a professional is preferable. For instance, Knoxville divorce attorneys are familiar with the applicable laws and can educate you about your rights and obligations.

For further clarity on the road ahead, ask your divorce attorney the following five questions:

Can I Get An Amicable Divorce?

Irrespective of why your marriage is failing, both parties can choose to cooperate instead of pulling in opposite directions. Being open to discussions and not resorting to the blame game allows for transparency and fruitful negotiations.

Openly disclosing details about your bank accounts, liabilities, and movable and immovable assets enumerates the issues at hand. You can arrive at amicable resolutions faster when you have faith that the other does not have deceitful intentions.

How Do We Divide Our Wealth?

Couples have equal ownership of the homes, cars, jewelry, joint accounts opened, and other valuables invested in together. Begin by making a list of items over $1000 and adding up each asset’s current value. Also, figure out the combined value of your debts, which does not include your monthly outgoings.

Subtract the value of your loans and mortgages from your combined assets to arrive at your marital estate’s net worth. Dividing this figure by two reveals both parties’ deserving share, and you have a right to claim your half.

Who Gets Custody of The Children?

Both parents are legally encouraged to participate in their children’s lives by actively spending quality time with them. Tennessee law does not identify with sole custody, so in 2001, it created the concept of a primary residential parent (PRP). Whichever parent lives with the child for longer is the PRP, while the other parent is referred to as an ARP (alternative residential parent).

Wherever due, non-payment of child support may result in termination of parental or visitation rights. Each parent’s income and whether they have other children help determine what they owe by way of child support. Either parent spending beyond their obligatory child support is viewed as a voluntary move.

Do I Have To Pay Alimony?

Payment of maintenance to support your ex-spouse is referred to as alimony in Knoxville. The type of alimony applicable ranges between transitional, periodic, to rehabilitative and lump-sum. For an over 25-year-old marriage, the long-term needs of the person needing financial support determine the alimony amount.

When the divorce is pending, temporary alimony can also be awarded in some cases. The amount and duration of maintenance rely on the earning capacity, length of the marriage, and the aggrieved party’s physical and mental condition. Where the partner with a minor child’s custody cannot step out to work, suitable compensation covers their financial needs.

What Is The Extent Of Expenses Incurred?

Besides their service charges, a Knoxville divorce attorney will also be able to estimate other expenses involved. Costs of lawsuits vary based on the nature of your case, actions of the parties involved, and evidence presented.

An attorney who accurately analyzes the costs of mediation by potential experts prepares you for the impending expenses. A skilled and experienced legal practitioner also advises you correctly so that the costs incurred prove beneficial in the long run.

Divorce is neither painless nor easy, as it involves tough decisions and drastic changes. Ease the process by approaching a Knoxville divorce specialist who diligently guides you all the way.

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