The Archaic Amble – Why Your Business Needs to Update its Software Systems

Professional athletes need to stay up to date with advances in technology, no matter how simple, to ensure they keep up with the competition. They know that the small difference a lighter pair of track shoes, or a more dynamic swimsuit makes, can be the difference between winning and losing.

We live in a competitive world, where success comes down to a culmination of small decisions adding up to create a big picture of success. Keeping up with technological updates is a key to success for many modern businesses. Professionals in almost every field these days need to be sure to update their equipment regularly. It’s tempting to delay updating software, feeling that your current programs are running fine and getting the job done, but doing that can leave you with security risks and reduced functionality.

Regular upgrades are here to stay, so instead of cringing a little every time that notification pops up, include them as a regular investment crucial to your business operation.

Increase Your Productivity

Computers just keep getting faster, with more processors, bringing more efficiency to every task. Staying up to date ensures your systems run smoothly and quickly, allowing you and your staff to get on with your jobs. When software becomes outdated, its issues become problematic and it falls behind, making it more frustrating to deal with. Stress from unreliable software and computers can destroy an employee’s productivity, and be embarrassing in front of clients and customers.


It’s becoming increasingly important to stay updated to reduce the threat of cybercrime. Older software develops bugs and has exploitable holes that hackers may be familiar with, allowing them to get into your systems and access sensitive information. This is why it is crucial to stay up to date with your accounting software and make certain that you take care to keep your financial details, and that of your staff is secure and protected with the most current software.

New Features

You might think that the benefits of an update are small and not worthwhile. However, often the slightest improvements in functionality can make a world of difference if you’re using your programs daily. Developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the features on their software and optimise the experience of their user. Working with the latest features will also allow you to keep up, or stay ahead of the competition.

Allowing your competitors to push forward with advances in technology is bad for business. Keeping your software up to date creates an even playing field, or can even give you the advantage if your competitors decide to stick with older systems.


Every day improvements are being made. Recent operating systems have the huge benefit of running across all platforms – desktops to tablets, phones and even watches/fitbits. That uniformity means you and your staff and able to shift and share from one device to another; accessing the same files, documents, and data that is all synced up.

Newer technology with greater mobility allows businesses to communicate with clients and potential customers in numerous ways from a number of devices. These flexible communication options mean increased business potential. An increased spectrum of productivity, however, also increases threats and possible in-roads for hackers so it’s important to keep your software updated and stay protected.

The world of work is ever-changing and your business needs to keep up if it’s to progress and grow. Younger staff coming through the ranks will be more proficient with technology, but also more prone to frustration at outmoded software and systems. Better to upgrade and allow your staff’s focus to be on the work at hand, rather than outdated technology.

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