Salesforce Applications can Increase Your Business Sales

Be it a product or service oriented company, sales are crucial for every organization to develop. Every business owner has concerns like - Why are my sales dropping? How can I fetch more leads? How can my sales team group be more effective? Among others.
Having an efficient marketing team is always a bonus but there are various tools that can add value to your sales graph.

Salesforce’s AppExchange is an extraordinary commercial center for apps and plug-ins intended to enhance and expand your sales activities. The salesforce apps are monitored by administrators and they ensure the team uses these technologies in their jobs every day.

We’ve reviewed some of these Salesforce apps that one can install for their sales team:


It seems 92% of sales executives never fix a sales meeting with just an email or a cold call. Its ‘People Insights' feature helps you know about their social profiles and activities. This helps user's focus on selling by connecting, at the right time and with the right message. Inside View has various other features which let you keep an updated database of all your contacts.

The sales team can acquire profitable data from prospects through Alerts, which lets you track exercises from their social profiles and act at the right minute. You can also import and filter lists by revenue, industry, recent events and more.


Marketo is an easy and powerful marketing platform that helps marketers acquire new customers efficiently and improve sales effectiveness. It even lets you create landing pages to simplify your email marketing campaigns.

It has an amazing built-in ability to score the leads. It gives indications to users on leads that can potentially be acted upon and converted into a sale. It allows easily adding fields in Salesforce and have them appear in Marketo, making landing page and campaign adjustment easier to handle.


When it comes to business communication, email is the most powerful tool for every organization. It is essential to make your emails look and sound professional. Ixtentia is compatible with iPad and comes with a bunch of studio-quality templates for various business categories. The app also includes an image editor which helps you add effects, text, and frames into the email easily from your photo gallery.

The app allows you to add your business profiles which then appears in every email. These could be your

  • Name
  • Company logo
  • Digital signature
  • Social media links, and
  • Contact details

This is one app that grabs my attention all the time. I find this app to be really useful and do recommend when possible. Its ability to create groups of contacts and send bulk emails quickly is simply worth laying your hands on. Your contacts can be synced to an existing Salesforce account or even added manually. It's one of the easiest apps out there to send professional emails which renders across all devices and email clients, effortlessly.

Conga Composer:

This tool allows you to easily take your Salesforce data and turn it into documents through Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It also assists with HTML-based emails and PDFs. Creation of invoices, quotes, proposals can be done with a few clicks.

Another great feature of Conga is its ability to integrate into your existing Salesforce workflow, using existing rules to craft and distribute reports automatically. You can also deliver the finished reports through Google Drive, Salesforce, and email and even use e-signature capabilities through DocuSign, EchoSign or Sertifi. You can also schedule solutions or use event triggers to improve productivity and create thousands of documents through its mail merge capability.

It is important to remember that while Salesforce applications are helpful and can work miracles, they’re not a substitute for sales and customer service practices. Salesforce applications are extremely useful to enhance your business collaborations. Remember- use it to grow!

What has your experience with Salesforce apps been? Have you tried any of the apps listed above? I'd love to see your comments.

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