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Advantages of a Private IP Address for Your Business

networkWhat is an IP address?

An IP address is the address or a numerical label assigned to each device attached to a computer network that uses IP (Internet Protocol) for communication. Generally there are two functions of an IP address:

  • Network interface identification or hosting, and
  • Location addressing

Its task has been characterized as: “A name indicates what we are looking for. An address indicates particularly where it is. A route indicates how to get there.” Designed of the IP address defined it as a 32-bit number and named this system IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4), which is still used today. Though, due to the vast growth of the Internet and the predicted diminution of the available addresses, a new version of IP using 128 bits for the address, was developed in 1995 named as IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) and in 1998 it was standardized as RFC 2460, and its operation has been constant since the mid-2000s.

IP addresses are generally binary numbers and stored in text files, displayed in human-readable notations, such as (for IPv4), and 2001:db8:0:1564:0:767:4:8 (for IPv6). Every client, server and network device must have a unique IP address for each network connection.

What is a Private IP Address?

Most of the email advertising providers cut down on the number of IP addresses they use by sharing a hub of IP addresses along with the large number of users. This means having your have your own private exclusive identifier. It is also termed as a Private network

Here is the basic structure of a VPN.


How does Private IP address help email deliverability?

When one user on an IP address is not complying with email promotion policy, there is a chance that the IP address will get black listed, and eventually the email coming from that IP address will be blocked by Internet Service Provider and if you’re trapped sharing or using that IP address for your work or mailing, your emails will also get blocked by that Internet Service Provider.

While in the Private IP, users start with a clean slate and become liable for their own IP’s action. So as long as your email advertising is in good position, your emails will get delivered to your clients.

Why the private IP is not offered by all of the Email Service Providers?

Every IP addresses aren’t easy to come by. Most Email Service Providers don’t have enough IP Addresses to go around, that's why they just group their consumers under the same IP which is shared. If they offer the option of a Private IP address, it normally comes without any money.

Private IP addresses generally offers excellent solutions for enterprise networks. Private IP holds the ability to deploy large-scale IP networks devoid of large hubs of public IP addresses. But they were never meant to deal with service providers addressing issues. If you decide to allocate them to your end users, you risk loss of liability, which could have serious legal implications.

Advantages of a Private IP for your Business:

  • Security- The Internet is full of great content, but it's also loaded with the fair share of wicked users and applications; everything from viruses and Trojans to most harmful hackers and worms. Here a private network is taken into consideration, by not being connected to any external networks; a personal network is merely out for threats like these.
  • Self-Containment- A private network is also not susceptible to technical difficulties outside the network as they are not being connected to any peripheral network. Problems like exterior server outages or Internet connectivity losses do not influence the performance of a private network. They depend only on the equipment that helps the network to function.
  • You can do unlimited transfers between the networked sites.
  • For your crucial sites there is an easy addition of backup circuits with a private IP.
  • Hefty preference of access technologies
  • They are always confidential and secure, as told above they are completely isolated from the Internet world.
  • Private network are said to be more cost-effective than router-based VPNs or MPLS
  • Most of the business owners consider having a private IP as a wise choice to ensure quality of VoIP circuits
  • Service activation provided by a private IP network is fast in compare to the other networks.

Now-a-days with improved technology and changes in Private IP's most of the business firms are considering this as their prior choice. Companies like AT&D provide the best business solutions and services like having your own private IP network.

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