Latest Technology Advances that Australian Mom n Pop Stores Can Benefit From

When technology is ruling the world, your business should make a strategic use of it as well. Most researches point out to the fact that you will not be able to reach the desired success unless you bring the latest technology to use. This is even more important for the small business owners to understand, especially a retail store owner.


As you know that technology operates our lives now, do not forget to employ it in your retail store. And, soon you will observe your businesses gaining the strength you have planned for it.

Here you must be thinking that when the world is going online, why are we focussed on the growth of a retail store? If yes, then ask yourself ‘have you stopped paying a visit to your nearest shopping mart?’. No, you haven’t. There are instances when you have to approach a retail store and such instances erupt pretty frequently in your daily routine.

The use of retail stores can never die and this opened up the path of technological researches for them, especially when it is a mom n pop. Here are some advancements that have been made:

Get an alert

The idea here is to introduce shoppers to beacons. Most people think of beacons as the product that circulates necessary info regarding discounts and coupon.

Now imagine that you entered a store and got really confused while searching for the product you need. You will either seek for help run out of the store. This is where the use of beacons come to play. Beacons starts guiding you for the product you require the moment you enter the store. This way you will not leave the store without buying what you need.

Go online

We all know that internet is the platform that is being used for not just buying and selling. It has transformed into a major source of promotion. Therefore, a small store owner should never defy from bringing it to use. The idea here is to introduce you to importance of having apps and website.

A website would not only get you online visit but also actual visit and soon you will observe customers turning up frequently in your store. Also, get a mobile app and witness your small retail business turn into a successful retail chain.

Be aware of shortages

No, you are not required to employ a manforce to keep a check on product shortages anymore. Technology has eased your efforts by giving smart shelves. Smart shelves have sensors to intimate the store manager about the shortage of products on a particular shelf.

Researches have shown that empty shelves increases the store cost by nearly 4%. Also, employing humans resources for obtaining updates on pricing and restocking is very costly. Smart shelves is a cure for such surges in costs.

Stay safe

There is a technological advancement for securing payments, cash and customers details. Its should be given special attention if you are aiming for tremendous business’s growth.

As growth of your retail store requires you to put in significant efforts, it is your prime duty to keep it completely guarded and risk free. This would include protecting your valuable assets, especially the cash in transit. To keep up the safety of your business, hire an organization that will help you in establishing high standards of security.


People, these days, expect retail stores to be more technology driven. As they want to enjoy a smooth shopping experience, free of any kind of inconvenience, they want the store owners to make use of latest technology. Employing cutting edge technology will not only furnish customer satisfaction, but also significant progress.

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