The Role of Chain Conveyor System in the Manufacturing Industry

The function of a chain conveyor is to drive a system by transferring the mechanical power. It is used for continuous transport of materials from one point to the other. It is primarily used for transferring heavy unit loads such as pallets, grid boxes, and industrial containers. Various types of industries use the technology of chain conveyor. It is used in industries such as food and beverage service industry, chemical industry, and automotive industry.

Chain Conveyor System
Chain Conveyor System

The chain conveyor is known for features like rust and scrapes resistance, tough construction and outstanding performance.

How to take care of the Conveyor systems?
Conveyor systems are high in demand because they maximize productiveness and minimize expenditures. Thus, if a conveyor unit does not perform effectively or stop from working, then the productivity will be greatly hampered. Thus, in order to optimize the productivity of the conveyor unit, it requires proper care along with repair servicing.

Factors to be checked
The conveyor needs to be checked for shortage of lubrication, contamination, poor take-up adjustment, timing, and cracked conveyor pieces. Ensure that the chain conveyor is working in a normal temperature as extreme temperature can shorten the life span of the conveyor. Inspect the conveyor chain and confirm proper lubrication periodically as shortage of lubrication can cause serious damage to the chain conveyor. Go through the manual properly and get in touch with the supplies for any faults that are visible on the chain conveyor.

All these checks help the chain conveyor to stay healthy and to increase the life span and to provide with the maximum productivity.

Advantages of conveyors in the industry
The chain conveyor can be installed in a low cost. It is suitable to transport heavy weight products at steep places. This type of conveyance can increase productivity. It has the capability of completing the task in a stipulated time frame.

Chain Conveyor System
Chain Conveyor System

Various types of conveyors:
The various types of conveyors are listed below:

  • Roller
  • Stainless Steel Conveyors
  • Live Powered Roller
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Belt
  • Fast Belt
  • Food Handling Conveyors
  • Table Top Conveyor

Features of Chain Conveyors
With the advent of the chain conveyors, the manufacturing industries are benefiting a lot as they contribute to the continuous transportation of material with consistent speed. The chain in the conveyor is toughened so that it can function in any given condition. The various parts such as sprockets, pins, rollers and sleeves are made from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic. The chain in the conveyor moves easily inside the conveyor box on special plastic rolls which are located inside at interims. The type of material used for manufacturing chain conveyors vary as conveyors used in bakery operations function in a high degree of heat, compared to the environment of the freezing plants. This can also be used for sewage treatment, timber harvesting, material handling industries etc.

How to choose the right company for purchasing chain conveyor?
When choosing a company for purchasing chain conveyor, you should check if the company has been serving to a large number of industries such as chemical industry, food industry, polymers and plastic industry, construction industry, automobile industry etc. The company should guarantee performance and also provide 24*7 customer support services. Approach only ISO certified company which guarantees client satisfaction. Before buying, go through the company's sales network, client testimonials and feedback. Go for a company that offers best quality chain conveyor at lucrative rates and on time delivery. Make sure about the company profile and the features of the conveyors that it supplies.

Therefore, it can be stated that the chain conveyor is an integral part of the industries that deal with material transportation.


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