Different Types of Lifting Equipment for Handling Loads

The lifting equipment industry has so many varieties available as per the variable load carrying capacity along with the type of application areas in which they are used. It is necessary that appropriate lifting equipment must be selected for safe loading. From the countless range of products available, you can choose the desired product that can best suit all your requirements.

Lifting Equipment

A Variable Range of Lifting Equipment

There are different types of lifting equipment available that you can explore to find out the choice of your taste-

Electric Hoist

It is a modern hoist powered by electricity that consists of a motorized pulley fastened by a strong cable. Its body is usually mounted on a fixed structure for stability and the pulley can be raised or lowered by the operator via pressing few buttons on the control panel. It is recommended carrying out maintenance practices with the pulley on regular basis in order to enhance its ability so that the construction material can be moved easily from one area to another.

Pallet Trucks

They are manually operated or powered industrial lift truck or forklift that are used to move one or more pallets at a time. Pallet trucks are of major use in any virtual condition where pallets are required to be shifted. The pallet trucks perform best when used in transport purposes for either full or partial pallet loads at long distances. They can also be used to load and unload trucks, and also for low-level order picking.


They are the primary connecting link in entire range of rigging systems, ranging from boats and ships to industrial crane rigging. Shackles allow different rigging subsets to be swiftly connected or disjointed. A shackle can be termed as the similarly shaped piece of metal used which can be used with a locking mechanism in padlocks.

Bow and chain shackles are the two major types of shackles used in the different application areas. The round shape of bow shackles allows them to carry loads from multiple directions, while the chain shackles are designed to take heavy loads primarily in line.

Safety Harness

It is a safe kind of protective equipment that is designed to protect a person, animal, or object from injury or damage. The harness is actually an attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object that is usually fabricated from cable, rope, or webbing and locking hardware.

Lifting Slings

Lifting slings help personnel at construction sites to transport materials from one location to another with utmost convenience and safety. They are the perfect choice for extremely heavy and bulky materials or equipment that are beyond limit.

There are different varieties of slings available to choose from, ranging from chain, wire rope and textile slings to the round and web slings. While chain slings are the high grade and durable chains, textile slings are the lightweight and flexible product, made of nylon and polyester.

Wire rope slings are slightly unique with stiff nature that allows them to temporarily take the shape of the load, that can be looped back with a metal ferrule to its original shape.

Web slings are the most preferred because of the versatile behavior they possesses. Round slings are the lightweight and simple to use with a unique color code to check safe working loads for each color with different loads.

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Swivel eyebolts offer the most versatile anchor points for attaching chains and enables loading from different lifting angles. They adapt and adjust to the direction of pull and can swivel the full 360 degree where bolt is not coming out.

Depending on the model type, they can pivot either 90 or 180 degrees and can give secure fixing points for multiple lifting positions.

Wire Rope Winches

An extremely portable and versatile equipment which is used for the applications like lowering, lifting and securing loads. It is quite safe and easy to operate this equipment range in construction, forestry and other applications.

For different requirements, it offers multiple options like longer ropes, drum reel, storage box and choice of end fittings.

Wrapping Up

Lifting equipment is the risky yet crucial industry to work in. As per the different application areas, there exist so many types of devices to opt for. As per the size and holding capacity, a multitude of lifting equipment can be handpicked. It is up to your requirements that will decide an optimum product to use. The aforementioned equipment list can be of great help to make a fair decision.


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    Near my parents’ home, there is a construction project going on, so I decided to find out more about the tools that are being utilized there. It’s good that you mentioned how important lifting equipment is to construction since it makes it possible to move huge items, like an electric hoist, which is a motorized pulley attached to a sturdy cable. When I drive by the location, I’ll be sure to look out for one. Thank you for the details!

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