The 2018 Plumbing Situation in Australia

There is nothing as annoying as a blocked main drainage in your house. Especially if it’s one that affects the bathrooms in your house or even just the sewer system connected to it. A blocked drainage is one of the things that can in a few hours turn a calm, peaceful, and refreshing surrounding into an unbearable place to be. Australia, as far this year is concerned, in a way has a shortage of plumbers, so don’t be surprised to learn that the ones you are likely to come across are from the UK or other neighboring countries. A smooth drainage system is vital not just for the health of the members of a household, but also for peace of mind. Let’s take a look at the plumbing situation in Australia and why if you are a citizen of the nation, you should ensure your drainage works as it should.

The Drainage Woes

The good thing about the drainage system in houses is that major drainage issues don’t occur often. I mean, I think you’ll agree with me that the last time you had to fix the drainage in your bathroom or had a friend who had issues with the drainage system in their bathroom was a while ago. And even if it was just recently or even at the moment, the next time you’ll experience or witness that, is going to be after some time. Most plumbing issues are not serious and will often affect the faucets in kitchens and bathrooms, or the kitchen sink drainage (one of the most common drainage issues). Be that as it may, there are various drainage issues that you are likely to come across in your lifetime, they are:

  • Blocked storm water drains
  • Blocked toilet drains
  • Blocked shower drains

These three are the main major drainage problems you are ever likely to deal with. If you ever encounter any of these drainage problems, and they are persistent, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumber to handle the issue. Trust me, if you are not a professional plumber, and you try to handle any of these major drainage issues by yourself, no one will be able to use any of those facilities until a professional fixes the problem.

Another serious problem around the house is a leaky roof. This can require urgent attention from a professional, firstly because the rain can come down on your family, secondly because it can do water damage to walls, floors and ceilings and cost even more in the long run. Engaging a roof plumbing contractor immediately will ensure the problem is rectified as quickly as possible.

Plumbers in Australia

Whether you are from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Adelaide, you may at some point have to deal with blocked drains. And it won’t be a pleasant experience. There is a shortage of qualified plumbers in Australia, so when you are dealing with this issue, it is wise to know who is the right person to sort you out.

All plumbers in Australia are required to have a license. And the thing is that a plumber must have a license from the city he or she is operating in. For instance, a plumber in Melbourne must have a plumbing license from Melbourne, and if he goes to Adelaide, he cannot operate with the plumbing license from Melbourne. He will have to get another plumbing license for Adelaide. This information is useful to you as a citizen of Australia or even if you are just there temporarily so that you know who should be fixing your drainage.

Besides a valid license, when choosing a plumber, pick plumbers from a company that employs the latest technologies to fix plumbing issues. Some companies use lasers, and others even use CCTV drain cameras to observe and assess the drainage to determine where the issue is and how to best fix it. The more advanced the technology the company uses, the better the chances are that they are not only going to fix your drainage woes but are also going to do a good job. Furthermore, plumbing is not something you take lightly; experience is key. Consider choosing a plumber, or a plumbing company with both a good reputation as well as considerable experience in the field.

The fact that there is a shortage of plumbers in Australia in a way means there is some risk involved. People may take advantage of the shortage and present themselves as qualified plumbers when they know nothing to do with plumbing. The information given in this section should help you to separate the weed and chaff. Do some research for yourself to determine who is authentic.

A good drainage will give you peace of mind by providing a conducive environment for you and your loved ones to go about peacefully with your daily routines. Don’t deny them this wonderful experience by ignoring a drainage that that has issues. If you are in Australia and need a plumber, the above few pointers should help you pick the right one.

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