Basic Types of Tools in the Tower Flanges Industry

The flange industry is always witnessing some or the other improvement in their manufacture and maintenance. And therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated on the latest developments in the tools section to make your work more streamlined and easier.

Here are some tools that you must know about if you work with flanges of any kind:

  • Flange Maintenance Tools: The tools to maintain flanges are basically characterized in two sections-misalignment and spreading tools.

Flange Maintenance Tool

The range of flange alignment tools patented by Equalizerâ„¢ are aimed at aligning or re-aligning flange joints in the course of pipe work construction, commissioning, or during maintenance. There are separate tools available according to diameter and pressure. They work by a simple process: just attach them to the part where the greatest misalignment is observed and simply push and pull the flanges until the correct alignment is achieved.

The Equalizerâ„¢ range of flange spreading tools have been created to help in spreading of all flange joint types, even those with little or no access gaps between them. There are different tools based on the size of access gaps.

  • Flange Pulling Tools: Pulling tools are compact devices that are used to pull together flanges before the application of gaskets and bolts.

Flange Pulling Tool

The Hydratight Flange Puller is a fast, strong, and controllable device that pulls and aligns flanges and heavy equipment. It is operated with either threaded bars or wire rope. The unique feature of this device is a jaw assembly that grips and releases the rope, and a four-way valve that facilitates close operator control and a fast and simple execution.

Another product in the same line is FC10TE, the Equalizerâ„¢ Flange Closing Tool. It pulls flanges together during installation or maintenance. It is suitable for any flange with a bolt hole diameter greater than or equal to 22mm (7/8").Tandem hydraulic cylinders have been used to designing the FC10TE. It creates a very low profile making it suitable for small flanges with limited access as well as larger flanges.

  • Flange Measurement Tools

Flange Measurement

Producing tower flanges for massive wind turbines is a huge challenge because the failure to precisely measure perforations while manufacturing flanges can lead to erroneous flatness and parallelism tolerances.

The T330 laser transmitter by Status Pro is hailed by experts as a precise and easy way to achieve correct measurements for tower flanges. Utilizing a rotating laser-prism, the T330 creates a plane of light rather than a dot. With the infrared communication built into the device, the plane set-up is created automatically. Feeler gauges and straight edges are not good enough for chained, segmented, or overlapping measurements. The T330 overcomes the issues raised by them by measuring the entire flange relative to a constant ultra-flat plane of light.

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