3D Laser Welding – An Overview

edfwfqwAs compared to the other welding technologies, 3D Laser Welding is the most advanced that comes with the benefits of contactless processing with heightened flexibility. It is the state-of-the-art welding technology that permanently joins metals and related products together by means of superior grade weld. The laser welding under the 3D technology is applied to the 3D contours with the use of robots, thereby benefiting the industries because of contactless processing. Besides having these benefits and high-powered laser mounted to the workstation of excellent accuracy and speed, this technology has many other features and specifications that make it the dream to operate. Most of the features usually allow the industries to switch over between jobs while minimizing the installation process and keeping the system functioning on their parts for fast turnaround.

What are the Highlights of 3D Laser Welding?

The 3D powered laser welding not only has benefits of contactless processing with higher flexibility but also offers many other benefits when working with superior grade stainless steel and aluminum. Since the technology put low thermal pressure on the workpiece, smaller wall thicknesses can be utilized for the separate stainless steel and aluminum components. For achieving the best results with component designs you must use 3D designs only. Some of the other highlights of the 3D Laser Welding are as follow:

  • Vibration-free, contactless material processing
  • Higher flexibility and minimized processing time due to higher processing speed
  • Cutback in wall thickness
  • Minimizing the reworking of fine weld seams required
  • Can weld pipes of irregular sizes and combination of diverse wall materials and thickness
  • Processing structured rolled and colored sheets
  • Strong connections with high load bearing capabilities
  • It saves times, weight and material.
  • Programming is fast and intuitive with different complex aspects like handled automatically and beam focusing
  • The work chamber can be accessed from different points that allow developing workflow efficiently to fit the specific job
  • Programming can be done in the workpiece itself, making processing faster

The Technical Specifications of 3D Laser Welding

Basically, in the process of 3D Laser Welding, the industries make use of KUKA robots. However, you can also use other robots specific to the job you are being entrusted. So, the technical specifications of this welding technology are:

  • Separate fiber optic cables
  • Mutual feeding of 4000 watts Trumpf with the robust laser beam
  • The maximizes length would be approximately 3000 mm and maximum weight is 350KG on DKP and 1000KG externally
  • It can root up to 6mm

Benefits of 3D laser welding!

Till now the article has already told you much about why do you actually need 3D laser welding. It boosts the speed, brings results that are more precise, and leaves no chances of any flaws. Furthermore, we shall discuss the benefits of 3D laser welding that make it a much-preferred technique in various industries;

  • This technique makes welding process quicker and you get to enjoy the higher speed ever. Using 3D laser welding you get to work at a speed that’s 10 times more than the MIG welding and 40 times faster than the TIG welding technique.
  • The process provides utmost accuracy in the results. Once the outcome is handed over to you, you will realize there’s absolutely no need of fishing or grinding.
  • The 3D laser welding technique throws heat on the selected precise area, means there’s no heat exhibited in a scattered area, the laser technology makes everything more precise and exactly on the point. The heat affected zone in this technique are too tight and narrower, allowing the results that are absolutely same as promised in the visual designs. The consumer products are safe against the unwanted heat treatment.
  • The results of 3D laser welding are more strong, exact and absolutely perfect. With the laser technique, heat is transmitted with utmost precision, and hence the material stays safe against the probable damage that happens due to excessive heat transmitted in the process.
  • The 3D laser welding is the contactless mode of welding and hence is found to be the safest with the viewpoint of the engineer. It is vibration free and hence there remain no chances of any flaws of mismanagement with the markings done for welding.
  • While using 3D laser welding technique very low thermal stress is levied on the subject and hence very less damage is done, result in the most accurate results and absolute perfection.
  • This technique leaves minimum or no chances of reworking required.
  • There are times with the welding expert has to work on various walls of different sizes and types, and also with different pipes that are made of the material that varies and the size that isn’t found to be the same always, there is where 3D laser welding technique does wonders. It is designed to deal with all kind of welding requirements effortlessly.

The Processes of 3D Laser Welding

While welding with 3D Laser Welding, narrow weld seams are created which is the distortion that increases when the components are joined together in minimized sized due t the small size of the affected zone.

For this welding technology, good clamping systems are required and the fixtures for the components of different sizes and shapes can also be produced with the technology. This opens doors for designing endless products with stainless steel and other robust materials. Perfect designs with utmost precision are delivered in absolutely no time, that’s the real magic of technological evolution.

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