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How to Write an Effective Rental Advert

house-for-rentAdvertising is the key point of any marketing campaign and a good, well designed advert actually translates to a better communication with a potential client. You don’t have to be a genius to design and promote your rental service efficiently and intuitively.

Here is some general guidance on designing your rental ad to stand out of the crowd.

1. The advert should feature the properties location. Identifying your properties area is an important step to consider when showing it to your tenants.

2. Use abbreviations in your rental advert. Once you found the property, describe it accurately; of course, if you pay pay per line you can’t write it in full, so the following abbreviations can save money.

– Exc: Exclusive of bills
– Inc: Inclusive bills
– Pt/furn: No furniture only appliances
– All mod cons Appliances: fridge, washing machine, etc…
– Fully/furn-Has furniture including beds, closets, etc…
– Pw: Per week
– P/p: Per person
– FGCH: Full gas central heating
– D/g: Double glazing
– N/s: No smokers
– pk: Has parking
– Apt: Apartment
– St: Street

3. What to include in your rental advert

An outstanding advert is one of the very first steps to attract prospective tenants. The message has to be factual, exactly describing what the accommodation features: full gas central heating, garden, furniture, how many rooms, how many beds, etc… Keep in mind your ad should differentiate from other similar, so the tenant notices it. You may show him or her a photo featuring the strongest points. Some ideas are: a beautiful view, a well fitted kitchen, a nicely decked living room, an interesting bathroom.

The description is probably the most important aspect. The very first element to include is the repair status: is it newly refurbished? Oh yes, this is a thing tenants are very enthusiastic. An intuitive move is to use the word “new” at least one time in your advert because this word matters a lot for them: a new kitchen, a newly renovated living room, etc… Even if the property has only a few walls repainted you can include the “newly redecorated” statement in the description. What is important is to reassure the tenants your property is not a shabby hovel. Be fair anyway and don’t include fake details-that actually don’t exist.

4. How long the advert should be

The length of the advert should be around 35 words but no more. Not only the advertising costs are higher but the client needs to be presented with brief details. Keep it on subject. If your property isn’t new, let the prospective tenant know that it is clean and in a reasonable condition.

5. The ad design

The design makes the difference between common and outstanding adverts. An effective, eye catching layout in a newspaper for example supposes a lined box around it or at least one line above and one below the ad. If the tenant is looking for an accommodation in a specific area and no competition for that area, there is no reason to pay more for a featured ad. The more complex the design is, the higher the cost is so you have to make a balance between two.

A good rental advert is not the guarantee you let the property but an effective, outstanding and intuitive ad maximize its chances to be noted.

If you have any questions, please ask below!