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Top Major Construction Mistakes

The thought of getting your house renovated or getting a new house constructed is one of happiness and excitement. However, the process of construction is not always that enjoyable. Here are some of the common and biggest construction mistakes people make while constructing their homes.

1. Not knowing the resale value of the property

Expert construction and builders specialists claim that It is always better to be aware of the resale value of your property before investing a single penny in it. It may happen that you spend a lot of money on its renovation or adding living space and it turns out to be half the value. The best way to know the real market value of your property is to consult a realtor.

2. Poor communication

It is important to communicate clearly with the contractor, if the house is being renovated while you are living in it. Having an idea of how noisy and dusty the house can get and whether for days, weeks or months can make life much simpler.

Moreover, clear all questions regarding the contract. Make your views and ideas very clear to the contractor. For instance, the colours you want or the fittings you desire. Always be in touch with the contractor so that the project continues on schedule and there is no scope for confusion or any kind of mistake.

3. Being unprepared for unforeseen problems

It is not necessary that only good things will happen during construction or renovation. An old building may have a termite infestation that would need treatment before you touch the structure or there could be plumbing work that would require you to change all the internal pipes. These unforeseen issues will inflate your budget and delay your project. So, you have to be prepared for such eventualities.

4. Not getting a fixed completion date

People often leave all the planning to the contractor and then become worried during the project about whether it will be completed on time. However, if you haven't made an effort to get a completion date from the contractor in writing, your wait will be endless. Make sure you get a guaranteed completion date from the contractor before he starts working on your project. This way you can hold him to it when the date arrives.

5. Not getting permits

It is very important to have all permits in place to avoid any delay in the construction. Speak to your contractor to get the required permits and if necessary, do the running around. In fact, before you start the construction all the permits and approvals should be in place.


6. Not doing course correction

If you think something is not up to your expectation or doesn't look right, let the contractor know at once. This way the construction can be salvaged and there won't be a need for large-scale changes and expense.

7. Doing it yourself to reduce cost

One of the most common of the 10 major construction mistakes that people make is to consider construction to be a DIY project. They believe they can save money. However, construction of any type requires skill, expertise, knowledge and the right tools. It is best left to the professionals. Otherwise, instead of cutting down the cost, you may end up increasing it manifold.

8. Selecting the wrong contractor

It is very important to be sure of the contractor. A construction is a major expense and that is why you should carefully choose a contractor who can meet your expectations and budget. Furthermore, the contractor should be bonded and insured to handle accidents that occur at the site. This way, you will not be held liable.

9. Finalizing a contractor without taking quotes from others

Often people hesitate to ask multiple contractors for quotes. However, this is necessary, or you could be taken for a ride. It is best to shop around and get a minimum of 5 quotes to choose the right one.

10 Unsure of the budget

If you are unsure of your construction budget, don't start any work. Whether you are building a home from scratch or renovating an existing home, it is a huge investment. So, have a realistic figure in mind. It shouldn't be that midway through the project you run out of money and your construction is left half completed!

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