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How to develop an Interview Schedule

interview-scheduleAn interview schedule basically represents a set of pre-made questions helping the interviewer to conduct a structured interview. It has two components: the questions and instructions on how the interviewer should ask these questions.

Developing a schedule is not as difficult as it seems if you follow some basic guidelines:

1. Brainstorm the topic-write everything that comes on your mind about the topic, without judgement and analysis.

2. Work thru the list of questions, organize it carefully and get rid of any irrelevant ideas. Group similar topics and suggestions on file.

3. Make a list of general topics and categorize each suggestion in this list.

4. Sort the general topics logically. Ask the most important questions first and leave sensitive details to the end of the interview. For example, ask about goals and experience first while driving the dialogue to other things such as feelings and opinions in the end.

5. Think of questions you want to ask especially if you are a new researcher and include them in the schedule. You have to make a balance between asking questions and being a pleasant presence.

5. Keep your questions and language natural, to the point and make sure you’re dealing with open questions instead. Avoid jargon and questions having multiple meanings.

6. Know your questions and avoid referring to the schedule during the interview.

7. Review the questions after each interview.

Good luck!

If you have any questions, please ask below!