How to Dress Like a Professional in Your Next Interview

Dressing Right for an InterviewWhen people are out of work, businesses have more options to pick and choose whom to hire. While training, education, skills and experience are all important elements in seeking a job, appearance and presence during an interview can mean the difference between being hired or being passed over for a more appropriately dressed applicant.

Check Clothing

An application and resume may have gotten you an interview, but now there is work to do in order to present yourself as a viable candidate. Research the company. If possible, take a tour and check out the website. Discover the company dress code, which may be stated in a handbook or simply understood. Check to see how employees, managers and owners dress on a day-to-day basis. For the interview, dress a little better than the employees with which you’ll be working. By all means, don’t wear ragged or unwashed clothing. Also make sure you’re clean and have groomed yourself well. Don’t wear anything outlandish or inappropriate.

Consider Impression

Consider what impression you wish to make and choose your clothing accordingly. The reality of being hired is that appearance counts to the person hiring and to your own attitude. Being well groomed and dressing appropriately gives you an inner confidence that comes across to the person hiring. How you present yourself really does have a bearing on your ultimate success. Someone who is dressed unprofessionally can give off the vibe they are not serious about the job, so dress appropriately.

Check Office Formality

Check out the formality factor of the company. Some companies prefer employees dress and act in a business manner at all times. Others are more relaxed in structure and style. Prepare to act and dress in a manner consistent with the style of the office. For example, some offices prefer business suits and ties. Other offices have a more relaxed policy with jackets worn with denim from Reem Clothing. Find the office preference and dress accordingly.

Specifics for Men and Women

For most interviews, men should wear a well-fitted conservative suit with dress slacks, dress shoes, dark socks and a long-sleeved, preferably, white shirt. Add a conservative tie to create a positive impression. Make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free.

Women should also wear a well cut, solid-color, conservative suit. The blouse should coordinate with the suit and not be flashy or low cut. This is not the place for immodest, tight, or revealing clothing. Add appropriate leg wear and moderate shoes that are not too flashy or high heeled.

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