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Why to Choose a Conveyancer when Selling Your Home in Melbourne

home budgetIn addition to advertising, marketing and showing your home to prospective buyers in Melbourne, when you eventually make the decision to sell your home you will also have to take into account the settlement period, which almost certainly includes going through the conveyancing process. This process is typically a complicated one, and thus fraught with the prospect of last-minute mistakes. With this in mind, most sellers will want to work with professional conveyancing companies. However, the million dollar question is always going to be - is it better to choose a professional real estate conveyancer or a solicitor who specialises in conveyancing? Both options have their benefits and are worth comparing.

Furthermore, when choosing a conveyancer or solicitor in Melbourne, you will want to have someone on your side who is ultimately going to make this process run more smoothly. You can give yourself a head start by comparing qualifications some of the various conveyancing companies in Melbourne. The good news is that this can all be done online. Many agents out there will have useful connections to both solicitors and conveyancers, and can help you make your final decision. Conveyancers will almost certainly tell you that because real estate is their specialty that they are far more qualified in all issues related to their industry. However, solicitors will claim they a far more knowledgeable about legal issues in general and are better suited to assist you should any issues of that nature arise; particularly if they are beyond the straightforward conveyancing process. It's always great idea to take a closer look at both options so you are completely informed about their benefits and associated costs.

The Advantages of Licensed Conveyancers

A licensed conveyancer specialises in property law and have gone through a significant level of training in order to develop the relevant skills and knowledge with regard to real estate transactions. Whilst they aren't lawyers, licensed conveyancers typically have the knowledge that enables them to tackle any legal issues pertaining to real estate issues and deals.

It is quite important to remember that some conveyancers in Melbourne will also be qualified solicitors. This will almost certainly give you the best of both worlds, because solicitors have the opportunity to study conveyancing at tertiary level. Some law firms will typically employ registered conveyancers to handle matters relating to real estate.

Some of the services that you will receive from a licensed conveyancer from a conveyancing company in Melbourne will include:

  • Responding to all client requests relating to the sale of the property
  • Conducting searches with all relevant authorities to find information about a certain property
  • Providing financial assistance regarding related expenses such as stamp duty and other legal fees
  • Drafting contracts that determine the terms and conditions for the sale of the property
  • Meeting with the building societies or banks to ensure all transaction information has been accounted for
  • Paying associated costs on behalf of the vendor, such as commission fees or stamp duty fees

The Advantages of Conveyancing Solicitors

Solicitors are specialists in several areas of the law, and in this case some will specialise in real estate conveyancing. If you do decide to hire a solicitor for this purpose, make sure that the area of real estate is what the solicitor is experienced in. A conveyancing solicitor will be able to perform all of the jobs of a conveyancer, and will be more than able to handle particular issues or transactions that arise in certain instances.

A conveyancing solicitor may be preferable to a licensed conveyancer when it comes to more complex issues and transactions. They will have extensive knowledge on the legal aspects related to these issues and how to best handle them. For instance, if the seller has issues with a deceptive or fraudulent real estate agent, it would be best to consult a solicitor.

So Who Should You Employ?

In many cases, Melbournians tend to hire licensed conveyancers over solicitors. Conveyancing in Melbourne and Australia for that matter, has been around for nearly 150 years, and is sometimes referred to as ‘land brokers'. If the the sale of the property looks relatively straightforward, conveyancers are typically cheaper and fully capable of providing a thorough service. However, there are some instances where the difficulty of selling your house can be difficult to determine. For the larger or more complicated real estate deals, it may be safer to choose a solicitor instead. They will have the experience, knowledge and training to adequately assist you.

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