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Cash Earning Ideas for Teens

cashIf you are a teen and are looking for ways to earn extra money, there are a lot of options available. Follow these tips to earn some extra cash in no time.

As a teen, you may be frustrated by having to rely on your parents to give you money and to buy you the things that you want. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that you can earn your own money.

Lawn Service

A great way for teens to make extra money is to do lawn service for others. If you have neighbors that may need extra assistance in maintaining their yard and outdoor space, rake leaves during the fall, mow the grass during the summer, and shovel their sidewalk in the winter. Charge fees based on the side of the yard.


There are a variety of online sites that pay for freelance writers. You can write articles about areas in which you have considerable knowledge and try to sell them, or you can look for assignments that are posted on these types of forums.

Hold a Garage Sale

You probably have a lot of childhood items that you no longer use, and holding a garage sale is a great way to get rid of them while making some extra cash. Discuss what you want to sell with your parents first, and perhaps you can bring in more business with a family sale.

Be a Camp Counsellor

During the summer, local social groups and churches often run programs for young children. Apply to be a camp counsellor in order to make some extra money.

Do Work Around the House

Ask your parents if you can get an increase in your allowance by taking on additional household responsibilities. Come up with a plan that will be mutually beneficial for both you and your parents.


If your parents, relatives, or family friends are in need of a babysitter, volunteer for the job. First, it is important to take care giving and babysitting classes to ensure that you are capable of caring for a smaller child, and you should contact your local Red Cross for more information.

Pet Care

If you know a family member, neighbor, or friend who is in need of pet care, offer to do the job. This can involve walking a dog, giving a pet a bath, or exercising them. A lot of pet owners would prefer that a responsible teen watch their pet rather than boarding their animal.

Paid Online Surveys

Teens that are looking for ways to earn extra money should make use of the option of paid online surveys. While these surveys won't make you rich, they can put a little extra spending money in your pocket. However, it is important to do your homework to find a reputable survey company before beginning this work.

Get a Job

Many types of businesses hire teens as employees. Fast food restaurants, attractions, and movie theatres are a great place to start if you are in need of a part-time job, whether it is for the school year or just the summer.

Sell Stuff Online

Talk to your parents to see if they have any items they want to sell. Then, sell the items online. Discuss how much of the profit you will be entitled to for doing the work.

Create Art

If you have a special skill or artistic ability, put it to work. Complete your arts and crafts projects, whether they are paintings, pottery, or jewelry, and then sell them online, at a local festival, or at a consignment store.

Collect Cans

Most cities have a recycling facility in which aluminum cans may be recycled in exchange for cash. Collect cans around your home and turn them in for some extra money.

Trade in Your Old Clothes

If you have a resale shop in your area, they may be willing to pay you for your gently used clothing items. This can put more money in your pocket to pay for the latest fashion trends.

Get a Paper Route

Paper routes are a great job for teens, as they will teach your responsibility while also allowing you to make some extra money.

Teach Computer Skills

As a teen, your skills when it comes to using the computer are most likely more advanced than some of your older relatives or friends. Put those skills to use to teach someone how to use a computer or specific program for a small fee.

Making extra money doesn't have to be difficult. By putting your free time and skill set to use, you can get some money in your pocket in no time.

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