Protecting your Small Business Investment: Spending to Accumulate Long Term Growth

investingWhenever you invest in your small business, you are making a financial commitment that must be protected at all costs. While the British economy continues to expand at a considerable pace, the perpetual cycle of boom and bust provides an Omni-present threat that you must be wary of as a business owner.

If you fail to adequately protect your investments, you run the risk of losing capital and ground on your market rivals. In essence, protecting your commercial investments will minimise risk and optimise your potential returns, whether they are measured in pounds and pence or harder to evaluate social capital.

Protecting your Investments: Speculating to Accumulate

With this in mind, it is worth considering how business owners can adequately protect their investments and safeguard their venture. Consider the following: –

Insure Both Physical and Intellectual Property

While insurance is widely renowned as a prominent business cost, not every entrepreneur understands how to effectively safeguards their investments. Insurance is a diverse and flexible financial product, which can essentially be applied to protect both physical assets and less tangible, intellectual property. You cannot cut corners in the quest to safeguard the capital that has been committed to your business, and anything that has intrinsic value to your venture should be fully insured. From concepts to the physical outlets where your business is based, every single aspect of your firm must be featured as part of a comprehensive and personalised insurance policy.

Protect your Workplace Assets

If you have corporeal office space or a retail outlet, this will represent the heart and sole of your business venture. Depending on the precise nature of your business model, these locations are likely to serve a critical purpose and contain valuable items of equipment and technology. One of your first steps as a business owner must therefore be to safeguard these properties, and not only by investing in structural and contents insurance. In addition to this, you may also consider investing in CCTV cameras from suppliers such as JMC Secure, as this will deter aspiring criminals and minimise the risk of theft and vandalism.

Investment in People

While your physical locations, equipment and stock all carry core financial values, they are worthless without the people that drive your business. If your business does not have a motivated team of marketers, technicians and salesmen to minimise cost and drive profitability, for example, any money that you have invested in establishing your venture will be fatally undermined. It is therefore important to invest heavily in your employees, and ensure that they are adequately trained and suitably motivated to achieve individual targets. While you may remain concerned about developing advanced skill-sets in such a competitive employment market, this is a risk that you must take if you are to optimise your commercial investments.

The Bottom Line for Business Owners

While the economic outlook for the UK remains largely positive, as a business owner you can ill afford to become complacent or adopt a relaxed approach to leadership. If anything, the deceptively tentative nature of the economic recovery means that you must remain vigilant, and showcase a willingness to invest money in safeguarding your business and its assets.

The term ‘speculate to accumulate’ is a relevant one in the current economy, so long as you make wise investment decisions that protect your businesses future. This is especially true if you have already invested a significant sum of money into establishing your business, as this capital may prove if you need to consolidated during a period of austerity. Regardless of your firms scope or size, the process of identifying risk and safeguarding financial capital can ultimately prove the difference between success and failure in the modern business world.

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