Questions to Ask When Shopping for Health Insurance

life-insuranceHealth insurance has become a big issue in the United States. Health care has become one of the major importances for any family. It is important for families to understand their health care plan and to be diligent with the insurance company. It is important that when shopping for health insurance the person asks questions regarding the policy. Below is a detailed list of the top 5 questions to ask when shopping for health insurance.

Question 1: Out of Pocket Expenses:

Families pay a lot in health care, generally out of their paychecks per month. With your take home pay always being affected it is important for people to find out how much you will have to pay for out of pocket expenses. Ask how much you will have to pay for all out of pocket expenses and all deductibles. It is always important to remember that all health insurance plans will have some kind of deduction and out of pocket expenses policy. Remember to always have situations ready to explain for a health insurance rep. You also must ask about your prescriptions costs, and how does the plan cover these costs.

Question 2: Emergency and Hospital Services:

Emergency room visits can happen to anyone and emergencies can be quiet common. It is important to ask your insurance company about how it handles emergency service care and emergency hospitalization. A lot of health insurance companies will only cover a certain percentage of these types of claims. You have to fully understand the company's policy on this or you could be paying a lot more money on medical bills than you expected. It is also important to add other questions in this category that include finding out if emergencies happen can home health care and nursing home care be covered in the policy.

Question 3: Health Exams and Screenings:

Health screenings and examinations are very helpful and beneficial for patients. Some health insurance companies offer many screening tests to help clients with preventive care. Find out which screenings or tests are available and for how much. You also must ask what type of screenings and exams they won't cover. Some insurance companies will not cover mental health and psychiatric exams or screenings. Most insurance companies will only cover specific medical exams or screenings. Mental health services will fall under a different category; however, some insurance companies might include some mental health services in their policies. If they include mental health services, ask the company how much coverage they provide for mental health. The same will go for dental and vision screenings and exams so make sure you ask the company if both dental and vision care will be covered.

Question 4: Medical Specialist and Referrals:

When you visit the doctor, sometimes the doctor must refer you to see a specialist. Be sure to ask the provider if they cover this type of option. In some cases your health insurance provider will not cover a medical specialist, however, sometimes they will. It will all depend on the situation.

Question 5: Pre Existing Conditions:

This is a hot topic throughout the US health insurance area. You must ask the company how they handle people with pre existing health conditions. Some companies will raise the premium of the person and some will not allow the person to have a policy.

Chris is a contributing blogger to a local NJ insurance directory where he writes on topics to help consumers make the best decisions when shopping insurance.

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