Why Chose AA Car Insurance in The UK

Car insurance in case of accidentCustomers in the UK choose AA Car Insurance for many beneficial reasons. Among these are the company's 5-Star rating, rewards, breakdown coverage, a good track record with customers over the last several years, and their Uninsured Drivers Promise.

AA Car Insurance's 5-Star Rating

As with any car insurance company, you want to be sure that you'll be dealing with a provider that has good ratings and reviews. Defacto, a financial research company that specializes in analyzing products like car insurance, gives AA 5 Stars for quality insurance cover and customer satisfaction. The company is also highly commended by Consumer Money Facts, and in 2011 received the award for Best Car Insurance Provider.

AA's Member Rewards

Everyone loves rewards, and as an AA car insurance member, you'll get plenty to enjoy with your family and friends. For example, if you ever needed to book a ferry to take your car abroad, AA insurance has teamed up with the best operators in the UK so that their customers can save on multiple crossings and fares. Some of these include P&O Ferries, Stena Line, Brittany Ferries, Wightlink Ferries, and DFDS Seaways. Also, AA members can save up to 40% on their tyres and an extra 2.5% when they book online (these prices include fitting charges as well). They can also receive rewards like a 2-for-1pamper day from Virgin active for just 69 pounds, ½ price on the Boeing 757Flight Simulator, special offers from Cassini Maps, ½ off the AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit, and a chance to take part in the Free Motorbike Magazine Giveaway.

AA's Dependable Breakdown Coverage

When your car breaks down out of the blue, you want to be sure that your insurance company will be there in your time of need. If you do ever get stranded because your car stopped unexpectedly, AA has very dependable roadside assistance cover. Every nine seconds someone is saved off the side of the road by AA. The interesting thing about the insurance company is that it doesn't matter whether you are the driver or a passenger, you are still covered. They come and get you out of your jam whatever the weather (whether it's your car or not), and their expert patrols fix 4 out of 5 cars that breakdown right there on the scene. In fact, on average, they have you up and rolling in about a half hour.

AA's Uninsured Driver's Promise

It's bad to say, but there are plenty of drivers out there on the highway that don't have any car insurance. So, what if one of them hits you? This usually leads to a lengthy claim that leaves you out-of-pocket, even if the accident wasn't your fault. AA's Uninsured Driver's Promise ensures their customers that they won't have to pay an excess and that they won't lose their no-claims discount if they're ever hit by someone who's uninsured.

AA Car Insurance is affordable, dependable, and enjoyable to be under. They care about their customers' well-being before, during and after any type of accident or mishap.

One of the best car insurance UK providers is AA. Laura Ginn highly recommends them.

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