Do You Really Need an Auto Insurance in Mexico?

I own a car. I live in Mexico. And I can’t drive without an auto insurance cover. You could be wondering why. Well every car in Mexico needs an auto insurance cover to move freely on all Mexican roads. So if you buy a car, make sure you have a current auto insurance cover. Here are the reasons why.


  • First it is mandatory. It is a pre-requisite of the Mexican traffic laws. Being a legal policy, every car that hits the Mexican roads must have it. Failure to do that means facing a legal suit, criminal charges, and maximum jail sentences plus penalties. In Mexico it can also lead to suspension of your driving license.
  • It is realistic to have auto insurance. Depending on the type of cover that you have, auto insurance will either foot any bills for damages to the other car, medical bills from injuries sustained, and possibly your car’s if it is comprehensive. So why not just have auto insurance?
  • An auto insurance cover will also help you in case of a traffic law suit. In some advanced insurance systems, insurance companies will offer a part your insurance premiums to go to any lawsuits that could arise due to traffic offences and more specifically accidents. In short auto insurance cover foots traffic litigation bills that you would have otherwise found to be pretty high.
  • Your car will also be covered. Certain insurance covers such as comprehensive plans will cover your car against any natural calamities including floods, earthquakes, hurricane, mudslide, and volcanic eruptions. Comprehensive covers will replace your car, cover for damages, or make sure you get every facelift that you need. The best thing any driver would die for.
  • You will be comfortable. It is really reassuring to know that you haven’t broken any laws. That your car is in good shape and that your insurance is valid and current. Without such you will be restless and you could easily cause an accident for lack of concentration. If you want to be confident and alert don’t break any traffic rules including that of having auto insurance.
  • It saves you a lot of money. This is the cardinal point, talk about saving the best for last. You will save money while doing repairs, while paying litigation fees, and by avoiding law suits and penalties. In every way having auto insurance saves you a dollar or two. The main reason you should have it around you all the time when driving.

Literally your insurance cover should be displayed on your windscreen. Always make sure that is readily visible in case of inspections. In case you are visiting any new country ask for the right travel information including that of auto insurance.


If you have any questions, please ask below!