What is Funeral Insurance?

Death and taxes: Nothing is more certain in life, and nothing is more foolish than not having the right kind of preparations in place to get ready for the time when you will need funeral insurance and cover for your death. There are a vast array of companies available today who offer funeral insurance for a very low cost, and at very little detriment to your current lifestyle. It would make sense to consider something like funeral insurance for you, especially if you know that your family don't have a lot of money saved up or spare for something like a funeral. It's not the nicest thing to think about - your own death - but then to think about your family scrabbling around to try and pay for your funeral, no matter how modest, is something even worse entirely!

We get insurance for all sorts of things to cover the chance of something happening while we are alive: we get pet insurance, home and contents insurance, vehicle insurance, third party insurance, ambulance cover, health insurance, we insure our jewellery and we can even insure ourselves for anything that could possibly happen while we are out travelling around the world. It's important to think of the fact that we insure ourselves and our worldly possessions for things that may happen in life, but then we don't think about the thing that is totally and absolutely going to happen. Yes, our death - and the subsequent Funeral insurance to cover it-is the only one thing that we know is one hundred per cent actually going to happen in our lives! So why wouldn't we go ahead and arrange insurance for it? Of course it pays to be prepared for any possible eventuality in life, but to not get funeral insurance, when we know it's going to happen, is almost crazy!


Imagine the relief that your family would feel if, upon a sad and sudden death that they were to find that your entire funeral was paid for (and even possibly arranged already) so that they didn't have to add the ordeal of arranging a funeral into the mix with their grief. But what exactly is funeral insurance, and how can you implement it in your life so that you can benefit the most from it? This is a quick explanation of funeral insurance for you to get your head around it.

  1. It's designed to take the pressure off you and your family. By taking out funeral insurance you are effectively putting in place the steps to relieve the burden of arranging a funeral. It's designed to help to protect your loved ones from the costs and emotional toll, and is probably one of the most selfless types of insurance out there! You can also get extra benefits including the possibility of flexibility of payments, choices of payment types and knowing that your family are paid for.
  2. It's quite simple to set up - much easier than you might think. With just a simple phone call you can choose a range of premiums for certain types of cover that will give you the flexibility and freedom to choose what you want. There are also no medical tests or complicated forms required to set up your funeral insurance.
  3. There are options when you set up your funeral insurance, and can be determined based on either your age or at a fixed rate. If you choose a stepped premium, for example, your premium will start out low - or comparatively so, depending on your age - and will go on to increase year by year as you get older.

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