How to Land a Dream Executive Position

employerWhen trying to break into the ranks of upper management, it is important to understand how the hiring process works. If you don’t understand what executive recruitment firms are looking for in a candidate, you will have a hard time landing your dream job.

Executive jobs are a little different from the regular run of the mill management positions you find elsewhere; you can’t simply log into an online job board to apply for an executive position. Most of the time, companies use executive search firms to hire people in upper management; if they don’t use a headhunter, they promote someone from within the company.

If you can’t just apply for an executive position, then how do you land an executive job?

Lay Down A Foundation

It is important to show companies that you produce real results; they are more likely to hire you if you have tangible facts that you can show them. Always record your accomplishments; add them to your resume every six months or so. Make sure to send your resume out to executive headhunters; they will match you with a position that is a good fit for your skill set.

Use Tools

A resume is not the only tool you need to use in a job search; today’s environment requires job seekers to be resourceful. It is important to sign up for social sites like LinkedIn; they help you network with people who do the executive hiring for companies.

Many executive candidates create a website. Today, creating a website is simple; there are many free sites online that let you design a website without forcing you to learn HTML. A personal website allows recruiters and hiring managers contact you easily; make sure to have your resume and contact information displayed prominently on your website.

Set up a blog to communicate with your network. A blog can help you stay in touch with your contacts at various companies; it also helps communicate your personality and management style to executive recruitment firms. Lots of times, when hiring an executive, it all boils down to how well they fit in with a company’s culture; a blog can give people an idea of how well you fit in. Writing is a time-consuming process, but it is a proactive way of presenting yourself to people who matter.

Use Your Personal Network

Now that your resume and web presence is set up, you need to start reaching out to people; use your social profile to reach out to people who you share similar interests with. Try to contact people you have worked with, people you went to school with or people who you share common interests with. Just reach out to these people; you don’t need to pester them about a job yet.

Once you’ve caught up with a bunch of people, you can send out a message that lets them know that you are searching for a job. Send people personalized notes; let them know that you would appreciate it if they would keep you in mind. Eventually, someone is bound to find something that suits your needs.

Finding an executive job is tough. The easiest way to get one is to send your information to an executive recruiting team. Remember, lots of people dream of having an executive position. There’s going to be a lot of competition; if you take steps to set yourself apart from other employees, then you are more likely to land the job of your dreams.

This post comes from Sally, who is enjoying her C-level executive role at a tech company. She recommends using an executive recruitment agency, such as EPR to gain placement in an exec role. Aside from her duties in the executive suite, Sally also fosters an interest in writing, and tries to contribute at least one article a month to business websites.

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