Disaster Strikes! Now What?

coins cost finance expense budget (1)Staffers work hard at helping people find the job of their dreams. So, what happens when a major setback happens and you suddenly stunted from preforming at work? You put your hiring skills to work and get the right people to solve your problems! Here are some things to consider the next time you need to outsource help quickly.

Why Outsource?

There are many scenarios that would require an agency to outsource. It could be that there is a lack of employable people in that particular field. Or perhaps it would be cheaper for you to outsource. Maybe the turnover rate has been too high and you need to bring that turnover rate down. Or it’s simply a matter of fulfilling a job that is taking you away from the core position you work in. Outsourcing isn’t a “bad” thing when it comes to keeping your agency flowing in a positive direction. The important thing is to make sure that you are finding dependable people to fulfill the position you need filled right away.

Web Presence

Whether you need a general contractor or disaster recovery as a service (draas), the first of many things to consider is their website. Is it easy to navigate? Has it been updated recently? Contact information easy to find? Is it an engaging website without too much clutter? Most websites have just a few seconds to capture anyone’s attention and if their website makes you click out of it quickly, they may not be the best option. However, if you must spend a lot of time finding the information you need, that is another red flag.

Social Media Engagement

Another aspect of their web presence is a company’s social media interaction. Are they utilizing Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to engage with their market? A company with a close relationship to their customer base is usually a good sign and makes others want to hire them. However, just as you would with anyone else, it’s important to pay attention to what kind of engagement they have as well. Is it all professional? Are they engaging in any morally questionable behavior? Are they a little too personal on their page? While holding a particular view is perfectly acceptable, you don’t want to work with someone who is engaging in major negative smear campaigns either. There is a delicate balance to be had!

One thing that we should talk about is the growing number of people losing jobs because of their ethics that they post about on social media. All too often we hear of someone who goes on a racist Twitter rant or takes it too far with death threats on Facebook because of a disagreement in views. The internet has provided a “safe haven” for many people to feel like they can say whatever they choose to say to any individual online. A lot of people forget that there are people behind the profiles that they are so angrily posting to. Now with people becoming so connected, our personal lives now reflect the companies we work with. One can easily lose a job because of what they say online. That includes staffing agencies utilizing social media to be sure they are not hiring someone who will shed negative light on their company.

Outsourcing is such an important thing these days, especially in emergencies. If you are a successful staffing agent, rely on your skills to help you get through the next emergency and finding the right fit for your needs!

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