Employee Monitoring: Does it Violate Privacy Rights?

Long gone are the days of blind trust in the business world. The aging ways of minimalistic security measures are becoming smaller and smaller in our collective rear view mirror, in the wake of the Cloud and the ever-growing power of the internet. Employers across the globe have shown an increasing interest in employee monitoring programs. These programs do exactly what they advertise; monitor employees -the fashion in which these programs conduct this monitoring however, has recently been a cause for concern for employees in recent months. Many feel that these monitoring programs are straddling a line of "Big Brother" and may even be violating these employees' privacy rights. Monitoring companies and employers have countered, citing the need for increased security in this the new frontier of constantly changing technology and ever changing capabilities of hackers.

Providing Protection

Locks are necessary on file cabinets containing sensitive information, safes are utilized to keep valuables out of the wrong hands; so why is there any question that the same types of precautions should be taken to secure sensitive information on your own networks at the workplace. Employee monitoring programs such a Teramind Employee Monitoring Software, and many others like it, were never creating with malicious intent or with the purpose to invade employee's privacy; programs such as these are merely defense mechanisms against relentless hackers as well as internal threats. While an employee's privacy is of extremely high value, the sensitive data on a company's network is also of value and the well being of the company demands that this importance be taken seriously.

Keeping all Sensitive Information Safe

We can all understand why keeping valuables safe is important for any company, however, the same is true for every employee who works at said company. Employees are people, who deserve basic privacy, even when they're at work. Many programs go beyond simply protecting their own information and use the mask of employee monitoring software to reach into monitoring employees' online activity and productivity, which has nothing to do with the safety of a company's cyber security. It is understandable to want to keep your information safe, but it is also understandable for employees to want their online activity and other activities online to remain private.

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