Learn About the Private Jet Services Market

Service Providers Help You Care for Your Aircraft and Save You Money

The private aviation industry continues to grow, especially as more and more business travelers are finding the benefits of avoiding commercial airlines amid a pandemic.

But owning and caring for a private jet requires specific knowledge that most laypeople don’t have – nor time and energy to dedicate to the process. This is why private jet services providers are key in the day-to-day operations of private aircraft.

These providers stabilize maintenance costs, increase value, source parts, provide inspections, and more – all services that owners have come to rely on.

Supported Sectors
Jet services providers work for a number of industries that rely on the use of private aircraft. Their experience is unsurpassed, so it’s no surprise that these groups rely on them for accurate maintenance budget predictions and more:

  • Helicopter owners and operators
  • Government and defense agencies and contractors
  • Business aviation fleets

Private Jet Services Stabilize Maintenance Costs

Jets require more maintenance than a personal automobile, and ongoing maintenance plans can get pricey, considering all the components and systems aboard such an aircraft.

A jet services provider establishes a maintenance routine that covers everything on a jet from tip to tail. They also offer more specialized maintenance programs, for airframes, turbine engines, and APUs.

Aside from keeping an aircraft in good working order, a maintenance plan is also important because it can save jet owners money. Major repairs are far more costly than general maintenance, so a comprehensive plan in place reduces the likelihood of needing repairs.

And when you get all your jet maintenance in one place, your maintenance costs stabilize.

Services Protect Aircraft Valuations

When you need to appraise your aircraft, especially if you’re looking to sell or considering upgrades, you want an unbiased third party to complete the task.

When biased parties provide the valuation, they may have underlying motives for appraising your jet too high or too low.

When it comes to jet services like valuations, it can take some time to set it up and carry it out. If you already work with a jet services provider, however, securing your valuation is much easier, because your aircraft is already on their radar, and because they’re dedicated to keeping you around as a customer as you upgrade your jet.

Finding Parts Has Never Been So Stress-Free

Your company’s aircraft operations team is already tasked with so much. Why ask them to source parts for your jet, too?

Under a contract with a jet services provider, the onus is on them to locate exactly what you need for your jet, whether it’s a technical component or cabin furniture. What was once a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process is no more.

Your jet services provider uses their long-established industry contacts to find what you need.

Schedule and Hold Inspections with Ease

Much like how an appraisal should be done by an unbiased third party, so, too, should your jet inspections. But if you’re the one buying a jet for your fleet, you still want to ask a company you trust to complete the inspection.

Just as you’d have a house inspected before purchasing it, it’s vital to have any aircraft you’re considering undergo one as well. In-depth inspections take time, and securing your appointment and getting the aircraft to the inspector – or vice versa – can complicate matters.

Working with a jet services provider eliminates the need for you to crack open your work calendar to find a time for the inspection. They’ll handle it all for you.

Make Professional Recommendations for Fleet Management
If you’re unfamiliar with the private aviation industry, or if you’re looking for expert input and guidance so you make the right decisions, a jet support services provider will happily consult with you to provide their recommendations for your aircraft management strategy.

You’ll better understand actions you should take to make the most of your private aviation ownership.

How to Find a Jet Services Provider
If you’re in the market for a service provider to work with, you’ll need to go beyond a simple Internet search for companies.

Use your networking skills to talk to other private aircraft owners to learn more about which service provider they’ve worked with – or those they turned down for services over the years.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are often the strongest you can get in the private aviation industry. Count on them to help you identify a few providers you’d like to interview to learn more about how they can help you and your business jet program.

If you have any questions, please ask below!