How To Protect Your Home With A Residential Warranty

You want to make your life easier, get the residential warranty to enjoy all their services and help you do away with the stress of managing your home. They do all the repairs, replacements, and maintenance of your home at a small fee payable annually or even monthly. Your home residential warranty company handles all repairs and replacements for household appliances and major systems. A residential home warranty is a service contract that guarantees repairs, maintenance, and replacements of spoiled household appliances and other major systems in a home; this is between a warranty company and homeowners.

Systems covered by home warranties

Most homes have different systems that function differently in a home; it is very disappointing to homeowners when they fail or stop working. With a home warranty covers, homeowners can now sit and enjoy and let that be none of their worries for the companies handles all repairs of this systems, Some of these systems covered by the warranty companies include;

  • Plumbing services
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Electrical systems

Examples of these systems are water heaters, leaking pipes in a house, doorbells, fuse boxes, generators, and other home appliances. Other than the systems, the warranties also cover home appliances and the major ones;

  • Home washers.
  • Oven and cooking stoves
  • Garbage collection and disposal services
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Doorbells
  • Thermostats
  • House fans

You should consult with your warranty company to see if they have available options for additional packages where you can cover more items like your pool and other appliances which are not listed in the contract. Different warranty companies offer various services and so it is good to do due research on the company that has the services that you are seeking after.

What is not covered in the residential warranties?

Home residential warranty companies work with contracts underlined the services and hat damages they cover, and the extent to which the homeowner has subscribed. In case of damaged items not listed in the contract, the homeowner takes care of the repair all by themselves without involving the warranty company. Residential warranty companies spell out that they can’t handle some instances or causes of damage. Instead, they advise such cases to be handled by an insurance company, damages caused by fire or a natural disaster lie an earthquake that is out of their reach. Also, before a warranty company can do the repairs, they do their research to ascertain that the damage’s cause was not out of the homeowner’s carelessness. Some warranty companies exclude the servicing of;

  • Aesthetic maintenance
  • Seasonal repairs
  • Solar panels repairs and replacements.
  • IT maintenance
  • Products replacements.

The difference in residential warranties

There are many types of residential warranties offered by many companies. Each company has its way of enticing its clients with the different packages they offer. Some companies rely more on the systems in a home while others their key selling point is the household appliances. Other warranty companies give clients the options to custom make their package, and then from there, the company can design a choice of payment for them that is different from the rest. Other companies offer an all-rounded service where they have all the options, and what they do is listen to the clients’ objectives and acts to them with the right package that best matches their requests.

The process of getting your damage fixed

For a homeowner who has subscribed to the residential warranty services once damage or a fault happens to either the home appliances or the home systems, there is no need to worry; instead, this is what they will have to do;

  • Identify and access the damage caused.
  • If it for the home appliances, identify if it is a replacement issue or repair
  • Call the warranty company and brief them on the damage you have in your home.

After the homeowner has called and briefed the warranty company about the damage, the warranty company takes over to handle the damage caused. The following process takes place;

  • The warranty company calls their service provider, whom they have a rapport with, and explains to them the damage, gives details of the homeowner together with the addresses.
  • The service provider calls the homeowner and booked a meeting and schedule for a day to make the repairs.
  • When the repairs have been fixed, the warranty company takes charge of the bills for replaced materials, the homeowner pays a small trading fee to the service provider, and everything is now set.

In conclusion, residential warranties are the best gifts a homeowner can give themselves for handling all maintenance and repairs that might occur to the client’s residence. This service gives the residence owner peace of mind and enjoys the stay with no worries.

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