Demolition Services: What You Should Consider Before Hiring

Hiring a demolition company for a big project like tearing down a house or commercial building is a major decision. Demolition requires heavy equipment, specialized skills, and strict adherence to safety regulations. The following things must be considered when hiring demolition services to ensure the right choice is made.


Look for a company with an established track record demolishing similar structures. Ask about their experience with residential versus commercial demolition. Make sure they have handled projects of the same size and scope. More experience means they are less likely to encounter surprises or make costly mistakes during demolition.


Reputable demolition companies will provide documentation throughout the project, including permits, proof of proper waste disposal, and evidence of site inspection. Ask about their documentation process and the information they typically share with clients. Proper documentation protects you from liability.

Environmental Protections

Hiring a demolition company that takes environmental impact seriously is important. Make sure they follow all regulations related to waste disposal and air quality. Demolition dust and debris often contain hazardous contaminants. An environmentally conscious company will limit dust spread and properly dispose of waste.

Licensed and Insured

Make sure any demolition company you hire is properly licensed and insured. They should have liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation in case of on-site injuries. Ask to see proof of current licenses and insurance certificates when getting demolition services. Unlicensed or uninsured companies expose you to risk.

Specialty and Certifications

Some demolition companies specialize in specific tasks like asbestos removal or structural demolition. Choose a company with certifications in specialized areas relevant to your project. For example, if the building has asbestos, pick a company with asbestos abatement certification.

Safety Record

A demolition company’s safety track record is crucial. Ask about their safety protocols and procedures. Do they have a full-time safety officer on staff? Have they had any major accidents on job sites in the past? A company that emphasizes safety will be less likely to cut corners on your project.

Proper Equipment

Make sure the demolition company owns top-of-the-line modern equipment. Using out-of-date equipment can drag out the project timeline and introduce safety risks. Ask what specific equipment they use for different demolition tasks. Make sure they have redundancy if equipment breakdowns occur.

Site Security

Demolition sites need continuous security to protect equipment and prevent injury. Ask what type of security the company will provide 24/7. Make sure the demolition site perimeter will be secured at all times with barrier fencing and adequate lighting.


Always check a demolition company’s references from other clients. Ask those clients about their experience, whether the project stuck to budget and schedule, and if they were satisfied with the end results. Contact references to inquire about any disputes or surprises during their projects.

Budget and Timeline

Get bid proposals from multiple demolition companies to compare pricing. Make sure their estimated timeline aligns with your needs. Some companies may offer discounts for quick turnaround projects. Ask about additional fees for specialty tasks like asbestos abatement. Consider project scope and complexity when evaluating bid pricing.

Hiring a qualified, experienced demolition company for a major teardown project requires rigorous vetting across many factors. Checking licenses, insurance, equipment, expertise, safety records, and client references gives you the reassurance of partnering with a competent demolition crew. Keep this checklist handy when interviewing potential demolition companies for your upcoming project.

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