3 Astonishing Tips on Keeping Your Car in Top Condition

A lot of people around the world use cars for various purposes. Some use it as a simple transport tool for everyday commuting, others have demanding jobs where merchandise transport is required and some simply like sport cars to show off or bring up those adrenaline levels to a satisfying level. No matter the use, it is an expendable tool and if you do not take care of its parts, it is certain that the engine or chassis will severely deteriorate. Beyond usual maintenance, you can also take certain steps to further improve the driving comfort of your vehicle. There are some ways which will make your driving machine last longer.

Engine maintenance


This is the most significant part of your vehicle. Many people are aware of this, yet they seem to forget the importance of general services that should be done every couple of months. The engine is the heart of your vehicle. It cannot be stressed enough, how important maintaining the engine regularly is. People tend to postpone this obligation but all it actually leads to is higher wear and tear of the engine. In the end, irresponsible drivers pay more for their engine malfunction, caused by skipping of regular general services. A thing that you should always check is the car dashboard, as it signals any form of problem that is occurring in your vehicle. Yet, you should not solely rely on this dashboard completely, even if it does not indicate any kind of problem, regular service should be done so the auto technicians can check your engine state. The most important thing to always check is the amount of oil, as it ensures that your car runs easy with lesser levels of deterioration. Proper engine maintenance will prolong the duration of your car and will save you money in the long run.

Other key parts of the car


General car service is not only concerned with engine state and oil levels. It is very important to have a skilled auto technician who will check the following parts: brake pads, tires and air filter. Brake pads deteriorate over time due to constant use. It is essential to check these pads regularly because they can make a lot of damage to the rotors and also put your life in danger. Tires are something that you can easily check by yourself. Simply check the depth of your tire's treads. If they are nearing the depth of 1/16 inches, it is time to get new tires. Brakes and tires deteriorate, depending on the driving style. If you are into higher speeds, the deterioration of these parts will be higher and you will change these parts more frequently. There are many reasons to regularly check the air filter, as it directly affects the air intake of your engine. If left unmaintained, air filter can cause a decrease in the engine's power output and increase the expenditure of fuel. This part should be checked more frequently if you are driving on dirt roads as there is more dust that latches on the air filter. By taking care of these parts, you are making your vehicle much safer for you and your surroundings.


This is a very important part of a vehicle that is overlooked by many drivers around the world. This part takes care of the way your car aligns the road and the level of traction your vehicle has with the surface you are covering. It is also responsible of shock absorption that makes the driving more comfortable for the driver. Depending on the driving terrain, this system can seriously deteriorate and some people choose to put in custom suspension which is created by a suspension manufacturing company. These custom suspension systems are suitable for new or for used cars, it all depends on the type of terrain you will be driving on. Better suspension will ensure more stability, it will provide you with greater steering power and it will last longer, compared to standard suspensions which are used in various cars.

These basic tips will improve your car's lifespan and it will also make you safer on the road both for yourself and for other participants the traffic. None of them are too much hustle an you will need to make sure you

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