Perfect Promotional Product Designs for Summer

Any advertising representative will tell you just how important it is to have an arsenal of promotional items to peddle. Most folks consider the three month belt of months—July, August & September—to be the "Dog Days" of summer; so why not use that to an advantage, primarily by using summer- or beach-themed promotional goods. After all, fun in the sun and free stuff go hand-in-hand. There are dozens upon dozens of promotional items on the market today that have a summer theme, primarily relating to the beach.

774Beach balls are a prime example of a popular, summer-themed promotional item. Regardless of what niche your business falls into, a customized beach ball will always be a phenomenal marketing tool as long as the sun is sizzling. Imagine a warm, sunny beach, packed with dozens upon dozens of spectators (or should I say potential customers?). A few of your company's branded beach balls delicately making the rounds. What about a company baseball game? The applications are endless!

Aside from beach balls, promotional bags, beer koozies, and sunglasses—all of which can be found at—are perfect warm weather marketing tools. Choose one or choose them all! From there, just customize them with one or more pertinent details, which usually include your company's name and logo, and perhaps an address or contact information. Combine that information with a bright, vibrant color scheme and you have the makings of a overwhelmingly successful promotional good.

874Generally speaking, summer fun in the sun is well, fun! When customers—existing, new, and potential—see that you, as well as your business, can embrace this fun, it reinforces a positive message. Most marketing managers would recommend that a business promote a healthy and positive image within the local community. After all, the first customers a business receives are likely going to come from the surrounding community. Moreover though, most summer fun is a group affair, meaning that whatever promotional item you choose to peddle, it will likely make its away around the crowd due to the simple fact that it is free. In the end, the basic concept remains that the more eyes you can get your brand in front of, the more potential customers you might attract.

Want to know the best part? This sort of promotional item in particular can be used anytime, anywhere. Now what I mean by that is the items can be used for more than just new customers. For instance, they can be sent to all of your standing business relationships to keep them engaged and make them not feel as though they have been forgotten. Otherwise your business could potentially lose those contracts. Or, if you have a contact list of existing customers, you could reestablish contact with them by sending them a beach ball or promotional bag to keep them loyal. This would heighten your marketing efforts dramatically as happy, satisfied customers are actually fantastic word-of-mouth marketers. Furthermore, beach- and summer-related promotional items make fantastic giveaway items at company picnics.

Simply put, embrace the summer season for all it is worth. Your marketing campaign could benefit exponentially!

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